TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   KIIT-University,Bhubaneswar-01 Apr 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   KIIT-University,Bhubaneswar-01 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi friends i m Somjeet of KIIT and have cracked  TCS .TCS has a very easy written test. They have three sets X,Y,Z and their difficulty level is in the former order. I got the Z set-most difficult among them all(although it was very easy but with respect to other sets) I dont remember the synonym or antonym but the answers to the first 15 qs are as follows.(just mug them up) 1.b,2.b,3.c,4.d,5.b,6.a,7.b,8.c,9.d,10.e,11.b,12.a,13.b,14.e,15.d

    the paper contains questions on bar graphs and pie charts but they r absolutely easy but do have a look on RS Agarwall
    Quant is like hot cake(very easy),english-the most difficult part i felt it was like some CAT or XAT paper but never lose hope as there are no sectional cut-offs and if u get Z set then the overall cut-off will be very low. In our college maximum rejection in written test was of X set(easy set->higher cut-off)

    Tech Interview:
    Well the TCS people are very friendly and they dont like arguing in anything,so avoid arguing.
    They just want to see your confidence, your speaking ability,and a little presence of mind.
    Remember   if u have bad speaking ability then forget to crack TCS go for any other company.

    My interview was at 4:00 pm I entered the room and greeted him and took a seat  The interviewer did not ask any "Tell me abt yourself" questions. Rather directly he came to point
    Interviewer:You have a good CGPA(9.35)
    Me:Thank u sir!
    Interviewer:Ok tell what do u mean by polymorphism and write a program to explain?
    Me:The whole program.
    Interviewer:Yes the whole program and u have to show both dynamic as well as static polymorphism and u r given 4 mins
    Me: So i hav to write 2 programs
    Me: Wrote within  2.5mins
    He was impressed
    Interviewer:asked me what is function over-riding
    Me:Told him
    Interviewer:What is the difference between stucture and union and which is better?
    Interviewer:Have you heard bit-fields in structure?
    Me: Yes sir and explained
    Interviewer:What is the difference between malloc,calloc,realloc?
    Interviewer:Can u write the code for fibonacci series using recursion
    me:Yes sir (i was starting to write he asked me another qs)
    Interviewer:So u r from electronics & telecommunications!What is a tranducer?
    Interviewer:What is an OPAMP and say some of its ideal characteristics?
    Interviewer:Where do we use OPAMPs?
    Me:gave a flurry of answers
    Interviewer:Then he thanked me and said to leave
    {Some tech qs asked to others
    1.What is the difference between C & C++
    2.write codes for Sorting techniques-quick sort,insertion sort,bubble sort,etc
    3.What is macros and stingizing operator
    4.Can u explain television and on what principle do radio works(ETC students)
    5.What is segmentation concept in Microprocessor
    6.What do u know about RDBMS and normalisation
    7.Write the code for swapping of 2 nos without using a 3rd variable?
    8.One puzzle was extensively asked-- using two 2s make 32[the ans is 22 in base 15 is 32]}

    I was selected in tech and then i was called for HR

    Tell me something abt yourself?
    What r ur hobbies?Stamp collection,Quizzing
    How many stamps do u have and do u know the 1st stamp of the world?
    Have u won some quiz events?
    Do u like to participate in different tech fests?
    i was selected in the HR and finally at 11:00 pm the results were declared and i was one of them .Thank God i cracked TCS (hurray)

    Total Appeared-570
    Written qualified-430
    Tech Cleared-320
    Hr cleared-297
    Total qualified -297------History  was made in KIIT

    Thanks and gud luck to u if u r preparing for TCS. Remember  be confident and be full of energy
    Somjeet Behera

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