TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Karnataka Vysa Maha Sabha-12 Apr 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Karnataka Vysa Maha Sabha-12 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    hi ths sunny again after giving u ritten test information now i am giving u information regarding interview. go through ths if and only u r nt frm CS aur IT branch. for CS and IT ths is garbage. now frnds wanna 2 clear interview ok,thn lets check it out:-

    i am frm electronica and tele comm branch.
    1 st ROUND:
    Q:- give ur introduction?
    A:-i hd tel him first my name thn abt my scholing and and all that...................................................
    Q:what u had done after as after we hd passed 10 months?
    Q:abt my project (details)?
    Q-whats the industrial use of ur projects?
    Q-what is flip flop?
    Q:555 timer (as my project have ths)?
    Q:explain CMOS(as i hv mention CMOS as my technical skills)?
    Q:what is truth table?
    Q:what is the diff between microprocessor and microcontroller?
    Q:what is pointer?
    Q:explain **pointer?
    Qstack,linked list?
    A:i dont know much abt ths i hd said sory sir i know the basic of C thats why i cant be able 2 answer ths ques,but i hav said 1 line regarding both as stack works like LIFO and linked list is used when we r nt sure how many elements r there 4 storing.

    Q:NAND and NOR gate ?
    Q:All types of flip flops and explain?
    Q:what is Steper motor(my project is based on ths)?
    Q:weakness and strength?
    Q:is TCS ever visit ur campus?
    thats all of the ques of 1st ROUND,

    2nd ROUND:
    person who is talking interview is very nice.
    first give his intro as i am xyz plz sitdown
    Q:-hello Mr ws ur day,i think u hv 2 wait 4 a long tme 4 interv?
    A:not at all sir,and NO PAIN NO GAIN,
    thn he says very gud and laugh,
    in ths interv i am having a tank full of confidence in myself.
    Q:is ths only a phrase 4 u aur u really believe in that?
    A:sir,i have learnt ths frm my father.
    Qthats gr8 wht other thing u hv learnt 4rm ur father?
    A:i mention around 5 things.Now he very impressed wth me.
    Qok,what he is doing?
    Q:frm how many time he is in that cmpny?
    Q:u hv got less marks are u indulged in something else?
    A:yes,tell him abt sports and abt cultural activity.
    Q:u know how many peoples r working in TCS?
    he said"no problem,and tell the answer.
    Q:ok,thats all 4m u nw du u want 2 ask something 4 me?
    A:i asked 3 questions.

    after he  gave all the answer he says wait outside we will shortly attend u.

    3 rd ROUND:
    ths is a tme pas round i hv all ready selected.
    ths is 4 only some formalities like whether u r able 2 relocate.
    2 sign the bond.
    medicaly fit.
    Q:thn he ask me frm where i am?
    Q:now the rest  interview is in hindi.
    Qkaisa hai ghaziabad?
    A:mast, badiya hai sir.
    Q:real estate ne sab gher liya waha to?
    A: han sir,indirapuram bhr chuka ab dadri ki bari hai.
    Q:waha to flat hi flat hai.
    A:han sir.
    Q:thumhara kya hai flat ki apna pura?
    A:apna pura.
    Q:tab kya krne aa rhe ho TCS papa ke paiso pe aish karo bs.
    A:nhi sir mai apne dum se kuch krna chahta hun papa ne jo kiya usse bhut jayda.
    Q:kisko dikhana chahte ho gf ko?
    A:nhi aapne aap ko.
    Q:water ka kya hisab hai?
    A: ganga water sir.

    some more ques like that
    THINGS 2 REMEMBER: have confidence along with technical skills doesnt matter whether u know C or nt make eye contact in such a way that intervie do his eye down

    my first interviewer made his eye 2 times down   REST U WILL DEFINETELY GO THROUGH UR INTERVIEW



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