TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Jadavpur University ,Kolkata-04 Apr 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Jadavpur University ,Kolkata-04 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi boys & girls I am Sudipto. I am selected for TCS. I want to share my experience with all of U.


    APPTITUDE TEST: 4th April
    It is easy if u solve previous papers. There r 3 diff. papers X,Y,Z. They  r X ur luck.

    There r 3 parts :

    1 VERVAL  :- u have 2 learn many words as u can (in Z set words r not so easy) a passage which u have 2 rearrange & a passage u have 2 answer some questions

    2 ANALYTICAL :- easiest

    3 REASONING  :- easy if u solve BARRON?S GRE 12th edition   


    After appte we have 2 fill up a FORM there is everything about me.  


    TECHNICAL ROUND: 5th April
    I am a student of Mechanical. In my technical I have faced these questions  

    Tell about yourself?

     Thermo is ur one of the favorite sub(It is in the form) So tell me what is entropy?

    What is enthalpy? (not eqn want 2 know physical signi.)Tell me the 1st law?

    He give me 2 draw a simple bending moment dia and want 2 know abt apron mechanism

    I mention I know C(FORM)

    What is mean by & its full form

    What do u mean by header file & library func ?

    What do u mean by odd and even loop? give ex.

    Write down the syntax of printf , scanf , for & while loop?

    What is array? How 2D array is written? What is pointer?

    How address is denoted?

    Last of all he ask me why I want 2 join s/w? (prepare this ques. Well )


    HR & MR ROUND: 5th April                                             

    Tell about yourself?

    Why U want 2 join TCS(say about company profile)?

    So ur 1 of the hobby is traveling Where did u go last? With whom? (don?t try 2 lie)
    Net surfing is ur 1 of the hobby so in which site do u go most? Wikipidia

    Why? What is the best feature it has? U can edit & give article if u r right u will be uploaded(impressed)

    Do u attend PPT? y

    Tell me 5 features of TCS?answered(impressed)

    Who has the most influence in ur life? & in which way?   Dou know all the aggrement?y R u agree?y

    Do u go anywhere in INDIA ? Y

    Do u go anywhere in WORLD? y


    So thank u ur interview is completed u can go & wait for result best of luck


    Result published on 7th April

    Finally I am selected & wish all of u best of luck        U should show cofi. during HR& MR

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