TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   IGIT, Sarang, Orissa-31 Mar 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   IGIT, Sarang, Orissa-31 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    hi my self makareswar from igit sarang .my branch is mca .i have selected by tcs ,have a great experience with tcs delegates. 

    do not worry for written will very easy if ll prepare the previous year questions. 
    it has three section 
    3:critical reasoning

    remember there is no sectional cutoff n no negative marking. prepare carefully for technical interview. it is only critical section 4 u.... prepare from gre Barron's test models. there was two passages from gre test model no 4,16th critical reasoning section all questions from gre..for exam red. brown problem from 12th edition..

     some technical questions i was asked..
    1.tell me some thing about u?
    2.r u know c?
    3.what is ptr..(with a prog)?
    4:memory mngt by c?
    5.what is free()?
    6.what lines r u interested.. i told for system software..but they were not interested.
     7.what is oops?
    8:r u know java?
    9.what is multiple inheritance?
    10.diff btn c and c++?
    11,why c not c|++..why c++ not c?
    12.what is fifo n lifo.
    13.diff btn stack and q?
    14.sdlc? 15.models? 16.waterfall life cycle?
    18 dbms n rdbms with examples...
    19:is java support multiplre inheritance..
     20.what r the skills for a project manager..etc

    1.Express ur self?
    2.why u think u r perfect in this line?
     3.what lines ur interested..
    4.why mca
    5.why igit?
    6.about other it company
    7.about bond.. etc
     prepare all these questions ,,it was my 1st interview n i was called first for technical interview on that day..n finally i selected by tcs... go throw baron`s guide n tcs previous yr questions..n read thoroughly.

    best of luck...

    Makareswar rout..

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