TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Hyderabad-19 Nov 2006

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Hyderabad-19 Nov 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012




    Hai Friends ,


    This is jyothi

    I have written my tcs exam at October 7th,

    My interview was at 19 th of November

    I want to share my experiences about tcs  with u .


     My technical interview:


    She: asked to write the factirial program by using different logics.

    Me:  I  have written that pgm with    for , while,  goto, factorial ?.

    She: write a pgm to insert the elements into the linked list.

    Me:  I completed it very fast

    She: asked can u explain it

    Me:  I explained .

    She: how u know C++

    Me: (I mentioned in my resume) & I said mam I learned through books because I know java

    She: r u familiar with DBMS

    Me: I said yes (with confidence)

    She: what is normalization

    Me: said the correct definition

    She: don?t tell the text book definitions

    Me: then I said it practically.

    She: explain about  I ,II ,III normal forms.

    Me: I explained with examples(I already prepared)

    She: ru comfortable with the ?Computer networks? subject

    Me: no mam I know a little bit

    She: explain the layers of  OSI

    Me: I said only the names of the layers.

    She: she given  two tables and asked me to write a query for that.

    Me: I wrore it correctly.


    She said lastly we will call u for next round so u wait outside.

    I cleared my technical round


    Managerial round :


    Only One sir is there he interviewed me for 45 minutes

     He : how ru:

    Me : fine sir

    He:  how many subjects are there in ur final year

    Me: I said 4 out of 8

    He : asked the questions on  those subjects

    Me :I replied well

    He : y  java is portable

    Me : said about byte code and JVM

    He : he didn?t agree with my answer

    He : asked about  SDLC in depth

    Me: I said it at my level best

    He: what do u know about tcs

    Me :I said all the awards ( silicon ?.) and said about the AP ONLINE( tcs is handling the projects of govt , it has a joint venture  with govt

     Me: thank u sir


      but iam not selected  in MR I was disappointed a lot .

    thank u for giving this opportunity to share my feelings

    ok friends

    I wish u ALL THE BEST to one and all

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