TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Hyderabad-07 Oct 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Hyderabad-07 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi guyz, I am very happy to say that shortly I will be member of TCS. It was a smooth Journey for me to get into TCS. I would like to share my Experience with you??. Hope this will b useful in your preparation towards getting into TCS.








    1) WRITTEN TEST:  

    First Most important thing that everyone should do is to go through last 10 -15 previous papers?. It is more than sufficient to clear the Written Test.


    To clear the Aptitude Section?.. Try solving all Aptitude problems in last 10-15 papers. Just learn how to solve them  (This will b useful if the numbers are changed for similar type of problems). For most of questions you will find answers in the previous papers itself. Just mug up the answers for those problems where you don?t find the method to solve the problem.


    To clear Critical Reasoning section of Written Test? Go through Barrons ? 11th or 12th Edition.


    To solve Verbal Section?.. prepare Synonyms and Antonyms for TCS which is given in Chetanas. Try to go through GRE Barron?s wordlist if you have Time (Concentrate on words starting with A, C, I, P, R, S and T).


    Questions I Remember:  


    1)   Candid
    2)   Inveterate
    3)   Inter
    4)   Incorrigible
    5)   Banal
    6)   Indigenous
    7)   Amnesty
    8)   Regal
    9)   Vociferous
    10) Vogue  



    Don?t worry? This wont b much tough as you may expect.


    First Essential requirement here is Good Communication Skills (Even above Average communication skills will suffice if u r good at Technical skills.?..).

    Second Most important Thing is Prepare your Project well and Concepts revolving around your Project.

    Third most important thing is Average to good Technical Skills (Average Technical Skills will suffice if u r good at Communication Skills?)


    Prepare about Tell me about yourself very well with related answers. This is place where you impress the Interviewer at Fist site.


    Just go through following Topics:
    1)   C
    2)   C++ (concentrate on OOPS Concepts


    Learn Small Programs in C and C++ like?..  
    a)   Factorial.
    b)   Prime Numbers.
    c)   Palindrome. 
    d)   Reversing the Given Number.
    e)   Reversing the given String.
    f)    Concatenation of Two Strings.
    g)   GCD
    h)   Programs to print Numbers in Different Patterns like Triangle Shape etc.
    i)    Sorting Programs (Insertion Sort, Selection Sort ?.)
    j)    Searching Programs (Sequential Search, Binary Search...)
    k)   Learn Atleast one Program on each concept of OOPS?.
    3)   Data Structures ( Concentrate on Stacks, Queues, Trees)
    4)   DBMS Concepts
    5)   Operating System Concepts ( Just Fundamentals )
    6)   Software Engg. (Just Basics like Different Phases of SDLC, Testing Types etc?.)
    7)   Core and Advanced Java
    8)   SQL ( If you Know PL /SQL also prepare well for this)


    My Experience: 
    1)   Diff. b/w Primary Key and Unique Key.
    2)   What is Foreign Key?
    3)   What is Cursor?
    4)   What are Different types of Cursors?
    5)   Different Phases of SDLC ?}
    6)   What is Function Overloadin and Explain with Example?
    7)   What are Different Keys that you use in a Table?
    8)   What do mean by a Database Object?
    9)   What are all different Database Objects that you know?
    10) Overloading VS Overriding
    11) What is Data Mining?
    12) Explain some concepts that you know about Data Warehousing?
    13) Questions on My Project.


    I answered all the above Questions?



    This is where they test following Skills in you:
    1)   Spontaneity (i.e., Spontaneous Reactions) 
    2)   Versatility (Ability to do more than one work at a time)
    3)   Decision Making( They Give you a Situation and ask you to solve the problem according to that situation)
    4)   Managerial Skills.
    5)   Communication Skills.
    6)   Even sometimes they may ask you some Technical Questions.
    7)   They may also ask you to explain your Project.


    My Experience:
    1)   Tell me about any situation where you have solved a technical problem and your professor has praised you?
    2)   Did u give any Seminars? I said yes?.. Then they asked me to tell my Favorite seminar?. I said Importance of Data warehousing
    Then I was posed Questions on Data warehousing and Difference b/w Data warehousing and Database.
    3)   Then they asked me to explain my Project and started asking me related Questions.
    4)    They even checked my Versatility?..Interviewer asked me to draw my Project Diagram and started asking me Questions related to other Topics switching very frequently between Different Topics without giving me any time to draw my Project Diagram


    Here He might have tested my Spontaneity and Versatility.  


    4) HR ROUND:  

    Here they will concentrate mainly on your Attitude, Communication Skills, clarity in Thought and Ability to express your Ideas without getting much tensed.


    Prepare Tell me about yourself very well. Most of Questions could come from this.


    Prepare about following with relative answers:
    a)   Strengths
    b)   Weakness
    c)    Hobbies
    d)   About TCS ? Clients, CEO, Future plans, Recent Acquisitions etc?.

    And other related Stuff??..  


    Ok Guyz??. Prepare well for TCS. Hope to c u soon in TCS.




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