TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Gurukula Kangri University, Haridwar-7 Jan 2011

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Gurukula Kangri University, Haridwar-7 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    There are 2 round for TCS.

    First round -Aptitude Test (Written)
    Second Round-Interview (Tech round,MR round and HR round)
    Aptitude Round
    They ask  35 question all are simple but u should go through  all the types of question once . u will have to solve maximum as possible I did 34 out of 35. and all were correct u need any help then u can contact me on email id-
    Second Round
    Technicaal  round
    me-Nok Nok
    may i come in sir.
    sir-plz come in
    me-thnq sir. good evening sir
    sir-gd evening, have a seat
    me -thnq very much sir .
    sir- tell me about urself?
    sir-what was ur project on?
    me-mine was Banking management system using C and C++,so told he ask about some encription technique  for file.
    sir-can u swap the content of two  file without taking another file.?
    sir-what is diffrence between calloc   and  malloc?
    me-i explained well
    sir-what is pragma?
    sir-what is package ?
    me- answered
    si-he asked one ques from java
    me-i answered and  told.sorry sir i m not much comfortable in java.
    he started asking from DBMS
    sir-what is normalization?
    sir-what is diffrence between DBMS and RDBMS?
    me-explained well
    sir-what is diffrence between procedure and function?
    sir-what is trigger?
    sir-what is lock ?
    sir-what is the diffrence between C and C++?
    me-answered well
    sir-do u have any  question?
    me*-i asked ... sir how much  technical knowledge  u expect  should have  a fresher ?
    sir- smiled and said ...well we are  there to teach u that.but a fresher should have atleast rough knowledge of thier papers..all we want that how much you were  honest with your core subject!
    me-smiled  and thnkd him.
    sir-he asked me to leave the room"well dhiresh i m done from my side u can leave now" 
    After10 mint i was called for MR round
    me-may i come in sir?
    sir-come in.
    me-good evening sir.
    sir-gd evening ,have a seat
    me-thnq sir.
    sir-tell me about urself.
    me- told for 3-4 mint still he dint ask to stop.
    me-i told for 2-3 more mint
    sir -ok..he asked some question on my hobby.
    sir-he asked  both some Technical on C and C++ and some simple question
    me-answered all.
    sir-he asked few question from CV
    sir-can u work under pressure?
    me-sure,particularly in my case,performance will be more under pressure.
    sir-so u cant perform well without pressure?
    me-i dint say like that.i can work without pressure also.but all i wanted to tell about pressure related to amount of time...i mean i can perform well in sufficient time .
    sir- smiled he offerd me to have some "pakauda " from his plate.
    me-no thnq sir...u have
    sir-he asked some more basic question from C.
    sir-he smiled and ask me to leave and shaked hand.
    me-smiled and thnkd  him.
    After 10 mint i was called for HR round
    me-may i come in sir?
    mam-come in.
    me-gd evening mam..
    mam-gd evening,have a seat.
    mam-tell me about urself
    mam-she asked some question on hobby,area of interst
    me-told confidently
    mam-tell me ur part work if u are in a project team.
    mam-if u r not assigned job in team then what can u do for organisation?
    me-i answered i can work as a individual as well as project member  so....i can do lot for organisation and
    definely i can add some value to the organisation.and..explaned my skill for a while.
    mam-smiled and told ok thnk dhiresh. i have done my part.u wait for final list.we will disclose the final list soon.
    me-smiled and thnked her..and left the room. A fter 11pm
    List of selected student diclared Whoa whoa whoa.

    Guess I was selected.

    All u have to do in Interview is "Be confident during entire interview and maintain smile on ur Face"

    Best of luck guys

    If  you find my experience helpful then Do comment and rate my post.
    Thank you.

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