TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   E-park, Hyderabad-7 Apr 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   E-park, Hyderabad-7 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Written test was very easy .if v wil prepare aptitude from previous papers tats enough. n v shd prepare critical reasoning from gre Barron?s book n even English paragraph is available in that book (A,B,C,D,E)at the starting. Shd read all test papers for critical reasoning..

    I would like to share my interview experience with u all. For me they combined both technical n mr round


    The person interviewed me was really cool.

    The questions r  

    1.Tell abt ur self

    2.Tell abt ur project. I explained my project with block diagram .he was satisfied . i asked him whether he understood it he told yes.

    3.he asked me to write a program so tat if v enter the marks of students they get grade a b c. tat is if the student gets more than 80% then he shd b given rank a n if between 70% n 80% thn b n below 70% is c   I did it using if elseif n else for the three grades.

    4.asked me to draw the flow chart for the program.

    5.if a hollow cube of 8 cms is given .n a cube of 1 cm is to b filled in the hollow cube thn hw many such 1 cm cubes r required to fill it .

    ans is 8^3

    because tat is the formula for volume of a cube.

    6.he asked me tat if the cube is painted all the sides thn hw many cubes r the without any side painted.

    Ans is 6^3.he asked me the approach. I told him I counted in told it.

    7.wat do u knw abt tcs?

    8.wat is data ?

    9.any questions?

    Here I asked wat r the steps they r taking to make tcs to b global top 10 by 2010?

    He answered .


    Thn in hr.

    Here she asked me the below questions.

    Tell abt ur self?

    Tell abt ur family?

    Wat all questions did they ask u in mr n technical interview?

    Wat did u do all these months?

    Any questions?

    Here I asked wat all technologies tcs is using.

    N wat all technologies wil they provide training for us.


    It all depends on our luck who wil interview us.

    By gods grace I completed all the rounds. Now am waiting for my results.


    Thanks n regards,


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