TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Dr.B.C.Roy Engg College,Durgapur-31 Jan 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Dr.B.C.Roy Engg College,Durgapur-31 Jan 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012

    TCS PAPER ON 31st JANUARY 2008

    Hello everybody, I am Soumitra Bhattacharyya from Dr B.C.Roy Engg College,Durgapur.We faced TCS selection process on 31st jan and 1st feb .its was the first campasing on TCS in W.B.I am going to describe a brief discussion about it.

    a)VERVAL:synonyms,antonyms,passage ,verval reasoning .
    b) Quantitive aptitude
    c) Critical Resoning.

    There are many sets of Questions in exam.take a very good preparation from previous questions.No need to tell about Quantitve part.I found some common in syno,anto, but i cant understand passage completely. two critical resoning are common to is 6 floor building prob another New wells,...,another was president,army chif problem.    PLZ,PLZ just mugg up difficult problem, THERE WERE NO SECTIONAL CUT OFF IN OUR COLLEGE. but sure about it by ask them.........................

    well they were sssoo friendly
    Inter: tell about yourself.
    Me: ans given
    Inter: be cool i am not going to eat you.
    me: Laugh
    Inter: you did a project on image processing through C tell about it
    me: ...... i mention 'unique' terms.
    Inter: why it unique?
    me: ans given.
    Inter: one physics question asked.....
    me: explain
    Inter: diff bet hash sort and bubble sort
    me: ans
    Inter: diff beteen bubble and merge sort
    inter: what is pointer.
    Inter: diff bet array and struct
    inetr: did you anything except study.
    Inter: swapping prog with two process
    me : ans.
    inter :thank you mr Soumitra . 

    well take a well preparation on basic on c,c++,D.S,O.S.D.B.M.S, be confident and cool......and crack it.

    meet you in TCS

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