TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Dr.Ambedkar Institute Of Tech-14 Oct 2006

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Dr.Ambedkar Institute Of Tech-14 Oct 2006

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012


    Hai fnds,

    Today I attended the tcs HR and Tech round.i would like to share my exp .

    My interview time was 10 am. But I was called by 11am.

    For tech round there were 3 member

    Thies wr the qus to me;

    1)how was the day?.?

    2)have u been waiting for a long time?

    3)tell me some thing about yourself.

    4)explain your project

    5)c prg for Factorial n Finding prime number


    A  and B are 2 objects A is traveling diagonally from one end and B from other end with double the speed of tell me when they both will meet

    ANSWER:they will not meet. This is the squar law.

    7)tell me some thing about TCS.

    8)ceo of TCS

    9)they asked me wether I m willing to work any were under any department.

    Finally the ended up saying that if selected there will be a service bound for 2year and am I ok with than.

    This was my tech round.and within few mins they said that I hav cleared tech and asked me to wait for the HR round.

    HR round:

    HR round was purly technical for me.i don?t knw y.

    They asked me in DBMS,communication,os,pointers,?

    Wat is dbms?

    Diff type of database?explain each

    Wat r diff types of keys?

    Wat is a forign key?

    If I want to delet a customer record will it b enough if I delet the primary key of that customer?(I dnt answer this)

    Tell me about os wat ever u knw?

    Models in s/w engineering?

    Explain spiral model?

    Wat is a pointer.its benefits n demerits?

    Iso-osi reference model layers

    Do u knw tcp/ip ref model ,then which is reliable osi or tcp/ip.  Y?

    In tcp/ip which is reliable tcp or ip?

    Programming used in internet?(I dnt answer this)

    Wat is symbol table?

    Ok fnds that?s all was my interview now I m waiting for my results. Hope for the best.but I was really surprised to hav all technical questions in HR round.any way wat ever interview u attend prepare well and go. Be bold enough to honest.have a smile on your face very confident and u will surly be in TCS.

    All the best.

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