TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Deccan Park,HYD.-27 Oct 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Deccan Park,HYD.-27 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Assalam Alaikum friends. I am very happy to say that I have been placed and I am a member of TCS family...First of all ,I thank freshersworld and all other candidates who posted their experience.These helped me a lot to achieve this. The written test was conducted on 6-oct. and results came on 11-oct.Nearly 15000 candidates attended the written test and only  2330 cleared.Out of 2330, 730 cleared HR.They r examining only ur confidence level and way of communicating.

    Now I want to share my experience with you.My interview date is on 27-oct.After waiting more than 4 hours,I was called for Technical Interview.My interview lasted for 20 minutes.The interviewer was so cool and friendly.Prepare each and every thing about ur project and be confident.

    1.Tell about yourself.
    2. Explain about ur project.
    Told.(Please be confident in ur project.They are asking about role,Objective,tables,dbms concepts).
    3.What is dbms,rdbms.?
    4.difference b/w dbms and rdbms.
    5.what is class and structure?
    6.What is OS?What is deadlock?
    7.what is primary key,foreign key.
    8.What is normalization?5 Normal forms.(Important)
    9.Codd?s 12 rules(Be Prepare).
    10.what is function?
    11.what is datastructure.?
    12.what are the types of keys in dbms.?
    13.Any questions for me?
    I asked ?How can I build my career in TCS??

    After 10 minutes ,I knew that I was shortlisted for MR.It was on the next day.i.e.28-oct.Due to some problem the interview was held on 29-oct.

    The M.R.Interviewer was some what serious.Friends,Please be confident.If u can clear this,U will be a TCSer.Keep ur face cool and smiley.It was lasted for just 7 minutes.For some candidates who are in other

    Panel ,M.R.round is lasted for 40-50 minutes.Surprisingly ,they r asking technical also.But ,Due to Allah?s grace,I was asked some common questions.
    1.How was the day?
    2.What is the plan today?
    3.Why TCS?
    4.Rate yourself in C?
    5.Why should I hire u?
    6.What do u know about TCS?
    7.Suppose u r team leader.and any one of the team member is not in charge.What will u do?
    8.Suppose aother company offers u best salary.Will u go.Why?(I said NO).
    9.What is the annual report of TCS?About Quarter results.
    10.Tell me features of TCS?
    11.How many will u work for us?
    12.When team fails?

    After waiting for 30 minutes,I was called for H.R.I was the first person to be called for our batch.
    It lasted for 10-15 minutes.Same questions.
    1.Tell me about urself?
    2.Why TCS?
    3.Why I should I hire u?
    4.Leadership Qualities?
    5.Where uwill u see after 5 years?
    6.Tell one product name from TCS?
    7.Tell one product name from others?
    8.Do u know about bond and BGC(Background Verification)?
    9.TCS Profile?
    10.Any questions for me?

    The results declared on 8-Nov.My name is in the list.Thank Allah.Now,I am the most happiest person in the world.My advice is that Please be confident.If u r not ,Forget about TCS and try for another.See u in TCS.Bye.

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