TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Deccan Park, Hyderabad-03 Nov 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Deccan Park, Hyderabad-03 Nov 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends... This is Sridhar (MCA), cleared TCS (Off Campus) written test held on 7th Oct 2007.. I had technical round on 3rd Nov, MR and HR on 4thNov at Deccan park, Hyderabad. So, let me share my experience and hope this may help you. 

    If u cleared written exam think that 70% of ur selection procedure was completed.

    Technical Round:
    ->For this round I just suggest to be good at fundamentals on C ,C++/ Java ..
    ->Just go through some topics on Software engineering (SDLC,WaterFall Model etc)
    ->SQL queries (Not so complicated)
    ->Basics on RDBMS
    ->They may also ask on OS,Networks (ONLY BASICS)

    Questions that i was asked..
    *1.Tell me about yourself  (Compulsory Question in all rounds)
    2.Diff between C n C++
    3.Virtual function
    4. Logic on Quick sort.
    5.Phases on SDLC (Important one)
    In this round I claimed that I am good at java rather that C++
    So I was asked some Questions on java
    6. What is compile time polymorphism, runtime polymorphism
    7. Exception handling , any two built in Exceptions with examples
    8. What is an Interface , Inheritance
    9 About project
    10. Wat is trigger. 

    I want to suggest you that dont give answers as one line..Just explain it thoroughly with better examples by which you can impress him.
    By this u can consume much time which lets him to ask few questions. Maintain i to i contact. This is more imp. Tell the answers confidently..
    If you doesnt know any ans just claim that "I dont know" or "I am unable to recollect"..

    M.R Round
    This round is mainly to check your confidence.. Here also the first Question will be "Tell me abt ur self".Tell  atleast one interesting thing which comes under ur hobbies and know about it, becoz he wil be asking 1 0r 2 quest's on it.. I told one  hobby ie 'Investing on mutual funds.' He asked some questions on it.And also he explained me about stock exchanges for around 8 minutes..
    Then, I was asked to tell about TCS
    -> For this question plz dont mugup all the things that are given in About Us page of TCS site..
    Just keep 2 to 3 things which you feel easy in ur mind and explain them by just lifting the company by your words..
    Know abt its Revenue.
    About your project. Some interviewers asked some technical questions in this round..

    HR Round:
    Here they will check your communication skills and mainly confidence. Just aware abt some questions like, What do you know abt TCS.
    Y should I hire u . I just suggest u to be BRAVE. Nothing more than that..

    Thats all friends..See, How simple the questions are!!
    ** Just be confident.Dont fear. Ur fear makes you not to expose ur knowledge in a better way.
    There will be all simple questions as shown above..
    Our results were announced on 8th Nov. And I am happy that I  got selected..


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