TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Cochin University Of Science And Technology,Kochi-22 Feb 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Cochin University Of Science And Technology,Kochi-22 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi! Friends!!!! I am VISHAL NIGAM  of  CUCEK (CUSAT) .TCS came to our campus recruitment as the first company in the year 2008.we were informed that our 1st round of campus,i.e the aptitude test will be held at CUSAT on 22nd of February & we were told that the students who will be selected will be having their technical/hr/pi at our campus itself. 

    Now I will be giving u the test pattern of the exam held by TCS:

    1st Round:Aptitude Test Pattern: online.


    1st section :-verbal section (20 minutes)

    2nd section:-quantitative aptitude (40 minutes,38 questions( these may vary for others))

    3rd section:-logical reasoning (30 minutes,12 questions (as usual)


    for the quants ,i would like to suggest u ,pls go thru the previous papers of tcs.they r just repeatin the same ,i mean, they can change the data but the concept behind the question wll be the same. 

    for verbal section,i would say to go thru gre high frequency words list.they can be helpful  to some extent.

    for the LR section I would suggest u ,pls  go thru the  BARRON?s GRE 12th edition,it really helps. here,i m listing out  some of the sections which u must go thru  


    Model test 1 :Section 5 and 6, from page 442-448

    Model test 2 :Section 1 and 6,page 473-476 and  495-498

    Model test 3 :Section 5 and 6,page 540-547

    Model test 4 :Section 5 and 6,page 590-595

    Model test 5 :Section 3,page 628-631 and Section 7,page 644-646

    After the test the results were announced & fortunately out of the list my name was there in the list,then we were asked to fill up a form(the HR form).After that we were told to come to CUSAT campus on 23rd  for the technical/hr  interview at 11.30 am sharp. My name was called at 6.30 pm.I entered the room & found two other  HR's  in the same room itself, I got  nervous,but somehow i managed the situation .they were very polite,they asked me to come in & take my sit,and my interview finally started.    

    Int1:?tell me something about urself?

    Me:  told(but  my dear frnds, never try to pose the general intro in front of them like I am this???..,the best way is to use some tag lines and then with respect to that start ur intro,it will be the best)

    Int2:?what is ur favourite subject????

    Me: microprocessor. (also asked me about  which microprocessor -8085 or 8086?)

    Int1:?how many bit  is operated by 8085 micro. ?

    Me:  answd;

    Int 2:?what is interrupt??difference between maskable and non-maskable interrupts.?

    Me:said.Int 3." what do u mean by software interrupts?
    Me : answd.
    Int 4: "what is MVI instruction?
    Me:   answd

    Int 5:?so u know microprocessor very well,what are the programming languages do u know????

    Me:   C,C++(basic concepts)

    Int 6:?which is ur fav. c program???

    Me:?sir ,programs based on the concept of recursion fascinates me a lot.?

    Int 7: " Tell me somethin about recursion"?

    Me: told.

    Int 8: "what is the difference b/w c and c++" ?

    Me:  answd.

    Int 9: "define a class based on a pen"?

    Me: told

    And then  my hr round started with the same panel,i was not expectin this .

    Int 1: " why did u chose tcs"?
    me : answered the quesn confidently nd hr was impressed.(be well-prepared   4 this quesn ,pls go thru tcs site,survey reports,their latest products n all)
    Int 2: "where do like 2 see urself after 3-5 years?"
    Me : i said i wanna be an efficent project manager n explained the  qualities of the post.(be ready 4 this 2,bcos they may ask u the qualities ? )  he was quite impressed by my ans
    Int 3: r u mobile?
    Me : told.
    Int 4: "r u ready 2 work on planet mars"?
    Me : answered  it in a comic style.
    Int 5: ne qusns?
    Me :  asked him to explain " experience certainty"?

    after that he asked me 2 leave and wished me all the best  4 the results..

    The final list of the candidates who were shortlisted was out on notice board on 24th feb ,& I was one of them. So guys keep ur cool and have self-belief & confidence in urself & leave the rest part to god?,he will definitely help u all!!!!


    All the best!!!!! Hope to meet u at TCS.

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