TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   BVRIT , Narsapur ,Medak Dist.-19 Apr 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   BVRIT , Narsapur ,Medak Dist.-19 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hiii we had TCS on campus on 19th April 2007
    I qualified in the written n we were called for Technical

    technical was quite cool
    sir: ur name?
    me: naveen
    sir: tell me abt urself
    me: ---------------------
    later he asked me many qs from my cirruculum, i am from ECE stream
    he asked me Qs like

    1.types of communication
    2.what are the latest mobile technologies
    3.what is dsp ?
    4.what is a signal n what is a system ?
    5. what is a micro processor?
    6.what is CDMA?
    7.what is electronic measurement n instrumentation ?
    8. what is vlsi ?
    9. can u tell me sumthin abt xilinx ?
    10.what is micro wave engineering ?
    11.types of modulation ?
    12.types of signals we have

    he was switching among various subjects and i thought he was trying to test my reflexes i was very fast in fact and was happy that i answered ALL his Qs ... not even leaving a single

    Qusetion of his
    coming to C ... he asked me very few
    1. what is a function?
    2. what are the data types in C?
    3.what r the loops in C?
    4. can u tell me da diff b/w while & do while ??

    He asked my other frns of mine to write a C program ... to my surprise he did not ask me for writing any program .... i was expecting him to ask me more Questions  but he did not n enquired

    "Why do u want to join TCS ? "
    "I'll send my feed back to ur HR n u can move now ! "
    from his facial expressions i understood that i'm through but  i had few queries n asked him a couple he answered them patiently.

    This round was very cool n surprisingly some of my frns were rejected in MR  this round was more at a personal level .. he was asking from da tcs form we filled n CV
    he asked " tell me sumthing abt urself ? "
    justify in what way u  r team player n team leader
    what do u want to do at TCS ?
    asked me abt my activities in college
    brief  abt ur paper presentations
    what are ur weaknesses ??? in what way do u overcome them??  what are mistakes u have done in any event u organised??
    what have u learnt from them ??
    i have done it very well ...... he said that it was EXCELLENT
    n from those words i understood that i cleared it

    after  finishing my MR i was called for HR  with in 20 min as soon as i sat he asked me for certificates n verifiied my percentages+
    sir :  The first Q mite have leaked from ur frns it's da same tell me sumthin abt urself
    me : -------------------
    what is ur daily schedule ??? ( i was surprised i never thought these sort of Qs would be asked !!!!!!!)
    sir: why tcs ??
    what is ur dream company ??
    who is ur role model ??
    do u want to be the way ur role model is ??
    in what way ??
    what is ur weakness ??
    in what way did u overcome it ??
    can u cite out one example ??
    after 2-4 yrs where would you want to be??
    he asked me that i had any queries i said YES n asked him a couple
     i was expecting a much longer round n was ready for it
    i was very happy that i could do it well ....
    I was confident that i would make it into TCS

    after the results were announced i was very happy .......all of my frns who went till HR were selected ... not even 1 was rejected ... The HR was very cool   n asked my frns abt their gal frns n their favorite frns ( i was absolutely shocked !!!!!!!!)

    I'm very much thankful to fershersworld that it gave me a chance to know others experiences. I could crack tcs mainly because of freshersworld. n also it is giving a chance for me to share my experience with u ppl.

    Thanx once again !!!! all da best !!! gud luck !!!

    Naveen Kumar

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