TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Bangalore-27 Oct 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Bangalore-27 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Interview Date:27-Oct-2007 Location: Think Campus, Bangalore

    Interview questions
    It all started with, introduce yourself. Then questions were from final yr project.. I dont think u need to know each and every thing in code. But u certainly have to know about literature survey(ie domain knowledge about ur project) (eg:My project was on datamining so there were questions on Data warhouse,Data cleaning etc.) Also revise ur 5th sem project. U shd know the projects mentioned in ur resume.If u have mentioned 8th sem and 5th sem project then pls dont think that theyll only ask u about ur 8th sem project. Make sure u are confidant about the key skills that u write in resume..Know DBMS well.. DBMS questions: Like clause,Char and varchar,can we store images in database?If u have cleared Tech then u'll asked to wait for HR otherwise hard luck.

    2 ppl were interviewing U have to go with the different minset for HR. Be condfidant and loud,maintain eye contact,dont look down and answer.Its ok to say a few white lies. Most important know about the company. Be ready for questions on strenghts, weakness ,wht tcs,about ur acheivements(acheivements can be anything need not be academics alone). Also whats ur Fav subject?they may ask about ur project in general. Willingness to relocate?If u have a preference please say nothing wrong in saying ur preference.

    Good luck guys.

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