TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Bangalore-12 Nov 2006

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Bangalore-12 Nov 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012




    Hai Guys,   
    This is Vicky Theja. I had cleared my Aptitude test conducted in vel tech on 12 th of this Nov. My friends got the mail for technical at Joseph Engg College. I Wondered wat happened to my result. But at last I found my name in the shortlisted candidates list in tcs portal

    Ok coming to TCS technical round it is not tough at all. You can easily clear if u are good in your fav subjects being a comp science student I was asked about C pointers

    I Wrote it

    Then I was also  asked to explain the project of my eighth semester. So prepare every nook and corner of ur project they dont want codes in ur project. They see whether the person had did the project or not thats it

    I Explained everything within 1/2 an hr.  My name was called in the shortlisted candidates list. I Was not surprised as I did well

    For MR round we need to walk to the next block. So we formed a queue there

    In MR round he asked both technical and hypothetical questions. It was like
    Tell abt yourself 
    wat r ur strengths and weaknesses
    I told I remain cool
    he asked wat do u mean by that
    me: I dont get tensed easily
    He: when did you get tensed lastly

    Me: I said I dont remember
    me added (not at all necessary): I got tensed when I was attending the 10 th public
    he: now only u told u dont get tensed easily
    me:sir that was on tenth
    he was not allowing me to continue
    he:wats ur fav subject that u say u know the best
    he: wat is distributed computing
    me: sorry I dont know sir 
    he:now only u told u know the best in os
    me:sorry sir I had it only has a subtopic

    The questions in general was about my subjects and my vision only. Be cheerful

    Lets hope for the best...
    Thank u

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