TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Bangalore-06 Oct 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Bangalore-06 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi friends,  This is Shirfule Gangadhar Madhavrao selected for TCS in first attempt, completed MCA from AIMS ,Bangalore,Basically I am from Nanded  Maharashtra .I am very happy to share my experience with freshers world web visitors.I think the information I am giving below will be very helpful to all who are going to attend for TCS Campus Selections. Our off campus examination held on 6th Oct, 2007.

    The written test consists of three sections and the important thing is there ll be online test and be careful while filling  the answers.


    The three sections are

    1. Verbal section

    2. Aptitude

    3. Critical Reasoning


    1. Verbal section:

    It consists of
    Synonyms of 10 marks
    Antonyms of 10 marks
    Comprehension passage of 5 marks
    Sentence completion of 5 marks  

    Verbal section consists of 30 questions and must be completed in 30 minutes. So be careful.  

    Most of the synonyms and antonyms are from GRE Barron's  (GRE High Frequency Words) and prepare it well in addition with the root words in the GRE Barron?s. (exercise also).  

    The comprehension passage I didn?t remember but it is a very big passage that is very difficult to read and understand but time is very short .So I suggest that don?t spend much time on comprehension passage . And My luck was that passage was also came from Barrons book only. So please go through GRE Barrons 12th or 13th edition.


    2. Aptitude section :

    In aptitude section there are 33 to 36 questions for 40 min. All the questions are from previous papers only.So please go through previous papers which is available on  


    3. Critical Reasoning:
    The critical reasoning questions are from GRE barons (12th edition/13th edition) model test papers. In this section there are three questions in which each consists of five sub questions. So for this section also go through GRE Barrons . Read all the reasoning section which is available in that book.

    For me,,,, I was not sure about first two section but in critical reasoning I solved All 13 question & all questions were correct. So if you are not getting then directly Mug Up......

    After written test, they told me our result. they will display the result  on tcs site & they posted the result on 16th Oct. And I got cleared the Aptitude round. they called me for an  Interview (means for next round) on 27th Oct,2007.Totally 3 rounds are there namely:-
    Ø   Technical round

    Ø   HR round 
    Ø   Managerial round(Stress round)


    For me,I had Tech+HR round... they called me for 2nd round, there was single person aged between 27 to 32 who was writing something on paper. I went  & he gave me permission to sit on the chair.. after few min he asked the questions.... with smile on his face.....
    Sir:-   Tell me about urself (he was looking on my resume and the form which  i filled up b4 entering the interview)
    Me:-  I told  
    Sir:- Why did u come in Bangalore?
    Me:-I told

    Sir:- Oh! ur hobby is Cooking??

    Me:-Yes sir.

    Sir:-What type of?
    Me:-North Indian

    Sir:- Which is your favorite Dish?

    Me:-Bainggan Bharta.

    Sir:- oh! can u invite me?
    Me:-Yes sir.

    Sir:- Can u tell me the procedure how to prepare that?

    Me:-yes sir, I told with systematic way..

    Sir:-ok, as u told me the procedure, so there is also some procedure for Software Development So tell me that?

    Me:- I told whole SDLC..

    Sir: Ok,What is your favorite subject?

    Me:-(I thought if i will tell any particular subject then may be he will ask in depth so i told) C,C++,Java,DBMS

    Sir:- Any particular Subject?

    Me:...... OOps language..

    Sir:- is OOPs a language..???

    Me:- No, its not...OOPs is a  Concept.

    Sir:- ok, wt r the oops concept?

    Me:- I told with good example.

    Sir:- How much do  u know Database?

    Me:- Sir, I know all the basic concept.

    Sir:-Wt is the difference between DBMS & RDBMS?

    Me:-I told.

    Sir:- Wt is the difference between Primary key & Foreign key?

    Me:- I told with example.

    Sir:-Are u relocatable..?

    Me:- Yes Sir.

    Sir:- Do u want to work on any particular technology for that u can wait or can u work on any technology?

    Me:- Sir,As  I am a fresher so I can work on any technology.

    Sir:- Can u sign two years bond.

    Me:- Yes sir,Its TCS so I can sign.

    Sir:- Why TCS??

    Me:- I told.

    Sir:- Do u hv any question?
    Me:- I asked about training.

    THATS IT..... &&&&


    Then he told me to wait for some time. As my interview was nice so I thought May b I ill clear this round && I got cleared this round also. & they told me wait for next round. totally i wait 2hrs & then they  called me for final round. 

    there were two  persons between 35 to 45 age. And I thought they both were not in good mood or may b tired ........(because that i guessed by looking on his face)

    Sir2:-Had your lunch?

    Me:-No sir,


    Me:-they didn't give me time.. & I was waiting for this round.
    Sir1:- Gangadhar Madhavrao Shirfule,,,, where r u  from ?

    Me:- Maharashtra

    Sir1:- what about your college?

    Me:- AIMS,Bangalore.

    Sir1:- Tell me your strengths?

    Sir2:- How positive attitude?

    Me:- Sir, for any work which is assigned to me. always say YES,I never say NO.

    Sir2:- If your project manager ask u to  purchase something for him then wt will u do..?

    Me:- Sir, As that work is not related to my job so I will not do that work.

    Sir2:- If u r giving party then will u work or not..?

    Me:-Yes sir, As I am giving party so,I have to work.

    Sir2:- If your team is giving party then will you work or not??

    Me:-Yes sir.

    Sir1:- Cooking is your hobby?

    Me:-Yes sir,

    Sir2:-What type of?

    Me:-North Indian

    Sir1:- What is your favourite Dish?

    Me:-Bainggan Bharta.

    Sir1:- Tell me the procedure how to prepare that?

    Me:- I told with systematic way..

    Sir2:- If your roommate is from other state  & he doesn't  like your food then wt will u do..?

    Me:- Sir, I will tell him that you will get few days to adjust after that u will like that....

    Sir2:- If your friend is not helping to you for preparing then wt will u do..?

    Me:- I will tell him, if we hv to survive we hv to work so like that u hv to help me me to prepare the food also.

    Sir1:-If some one tells you ,, you are Rude.. then wt will u do..?
    Me:- I will ask him why r u telling like that & my mistake && I will try to overcome that mistake..
    Sir2:-If your friend will slap u then wt will u do..?

    Me:- As he is my friend ,so may be he is jocking with me.

    Sir2:- If I will slap you then?

    Sir1:- Then he will fight u outside..

    Sir2:- Means u will become Gundda outside?

    Me:-No sir,

    Sir1:-Any other hobby?

    Me:- Sir,sometimes I used to play carom board.

    Sir1:-How many coins will b there ?? 

    Me :- sir 9


    Me:-No Sir, 9 white,9 black,,,,,,,,,,

    Sir1:- what is the size ?

    Me:- I dont know sir.

    Sir 1:-(Again asked the question)Tell me your strength?

    Me:- Quick learner, Self Confidence, Positive atitude,,,

    Sir1:- Tell me how are you quick learner?

    Me:- Sir,As I have completed my academic project in .NET within 3 month.So within 3 month i took knowledge of .Net &  completed my project. So I can say I am a Quick learner.

    Sir1:- With whom you hv completed your project?

    Me:-My Friend Penshanwar Gajanan

    Sir1:- what is he doing?

    Me:- Sir,He got the job in iGate..

    Sir1:- why didnt you get?

    Me:- Sir,at that time I was in my native.

    Sir1:-Did you try for other companies..

    Me:-Yes sir, I didnt cleared Aptitude round of Satyam becoz i didnt practice & I got cleared all round for Real Soft bt in HR round they told me they want experience person & not fresher.

    Sir2:-(By looking my Resume) Wt is the difference between Web Server & Apps Server??
    Me:- I told
    Sir2:- Do you know EJB?
    Me:-No sir
    Sir2:-Do you know J2EE.?
    Me:- Now I am learning.
    Sir1:- for TCS you have to sign 5years bond, will you sign?

    Me:- Yes sir..

    Sir2:- TCS has call center also will you work?

    Me:-No sir,

    Sir2:-For Text support?

    Me:-(By mistake I told)Yes sir..

    Sir1:- Are you relocatable?

    Me:-Yes sir

    Sir1:- Do you have any question?

    Me:-Yes sir, I asked.. wt type of contribution TCS except from his employee?


    Sir1:-ok........ Gangadhar.... wait outside....

    Me:- Thank you sir,,, (both gave shake hand to me)


    I was worried  about this round. They told me I will get my result on 5th Nov. & I came back.. Really I was totally confused weather I ll clear it or not . I was praying to the God..... And After few days means on the festival of Diwali one of the my friend called me that......U Got Selected in TCS... really at that time I thanked to the God and All My friends as well as My parents also......In my class except me and few... all are working .....So friends,,,,  don't get frustrated.......... every one has a day.... only do hard work  as well as pray to the god... So, friends whatever the answers you know tell them... dont tell lie.... if you dont know then directly tell dont know.... & also be confident.........I didnt cleared--- Satyam(apti),Convergys(apti),wipro infotech(apti),American Advice, Nokia,Capgimini(apti),Ocwen(apti),Commerce Velocity, TeleLogic(apti),


    So friends..... Do well .... Wish you all the Best.........ALL THE VERY BEST. MEET U IN TCS



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