TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Ambedkar Engg College,Bangalore-11 Apr 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Ambedkar Engg College,Bangalore-11 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    hi friends this is ravindra. After long search i selected for tcs.i will give guidance.
    1)only prepare old papers which r given in for aptitude
    2)for reasoning refer gre barrons 11th,or 12 or 13th or 14th.only refer last 5 model papers which have options more than 4.
    3)for verbal prefer old papers first then if u have time then prepare grebarrons vocabulary.
    there is uppercut off also in try to get (50-60) out of 82.

    Technical is main elimination round in prepare well c(basics,basic programs like fibannaci,prime no,string reverse,factorial,piramid structure.......)
    In Datastrucyure all algorithms belong to stack,que,linkedlist algorithms logic, searching&sorting algorithms r main important. oops concepts are main important. if u know sql it becomes advantage to u.if u know perfectly then only mention in resume.

    for me he asked:
    1.introduce ur self?
    2.tell me about ur project?
    3.some questions on project?
    4.small program in c?
    5.small program in java?
    6.easy queries in oracle?
    7.asked to  display ur name in middle with footer in html?
    i mentioned c,java(oops),html,sql in resume. at last he said keep smiling, be passitive bestof luck.i selected for mr round

    1)tell me about ur self?i said i am from kadapa.then he asked how much distance from bang?
    2)y u came for bang?not hyd?
    3)what u learn in these days?i said c,java.he asked about questions on these.
    4)tell me about ur project?
    5)what is ur role in project?after that explain how did?
    6)y u do not try for small  company?
    7)tell me about ur family background?
    8)why u choose software?
    9)if ibm give 2 lakhs extra then what about ur openion?
    10)y u got less percentage in btech compared with 10th,inter?
    11)ur from ece how u helpful for our company?
    12)y u prefer tcs?
    after that he said bestofluck. then i went for hr.

    tell me about ur family background?
    why tcs?
    why software?
    what r ur hobies?
    what about indian cricket team in world cup?he said it is worst team defeate with bangladesh? for this give passitive answer.
    how ur feeling about tcs recruitment process?
    what r u thinking about ur result?
    if result is negative then what do?
    then he said ur selected bestofluck.

    ok friends all the best to all .

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