TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   -3 Mar 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   -3 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hr round
    i am submitting some of my interview ans what i have faced
    when i appeared b4 them last year
    these r the question what they ask frequently..

    Q1-tell me about yourself?
    A-start with you and your family background
    followed by your educational background, and your goal of the life..

    Q2-wht is your strength?
    A-what i told in strength that was something different than the traditional answers
    like i am hardworking, presarvative n so on usually answered
    i told
    i have capability 2 opt the unbeaten paths of the life
    i have dare 2 opt those all unexplored paths of life which was never beaten
    earlier by my forefathers n their forefathers
    coz a gambler only wins in the race of life 2 eminent it beyond the limits of sky
    than a businessman who only survives nyhow..
    n my this attitude can lead your organistion 2 the new eras of success....

    Q3-why should i hire a non-IT candidate and prefer u over a IT candidate..?
    A- as i was from textile stream (a mech or any non-it can give this ans)
    they asked this.. and i played my trump card here
    i told
    sir,you r right by your own view but consider a bit
    that ever lord krishna worried abt the fact, that what his flute made up of
    either it was of wood, gold or silver,whtsoever else its constituent be
    but krishna played the same melody through the tenure
    his rythmiic output nowhere depends on flute
    flute was just a medium 2 carry the melody 40m god's soul 2 the surrounding
    via the same way
    u r lord krishna n i m ur flute
    so, it nowhere matters whether m a nonitian or a itian
    whtsoever responsibility i asked 2 play
    i will do///
    (i smelled my sucess after this answr, they didn't cross question me, n only 
    listen me like a disciple, this is the FAQ 4 a nonitian)

    Q4-why why should i hire a fresher why shouldn't i hire a experienced?
    A-sir,2days fresher is 2moros experienced,so it is like that u don't allow 2 grow a seed,n nly wish 4 tree..
    (this much was sufficient 2 bring a a smile on his face that shows i hav convienced him)

    Q5-where do u see yourself after 5 years?
    A-sir, whatsover the destination n wheresoever the place
    these altogether nowhere matters 4 me, what it matters
    tht, whether i m efficient at my utmost or not..
    n more ever up 2 that period i will prove myself as the inheritent part 
    of the sucesswheel in your organistion

    Q-6 why TCS?
    A-yes sir, only tcs coz,it is the organistion who gives values
    more priority than skills,n i m despirate 2 work wid tcs..
    n moreover 4 any indian it is pride 2 b a part of tht company
    which has eminented the name of india in IT sector beyond all the limits..

    Q7-wht is ur weakness??
    A-sir,as my collegaues n my frnds say,tht i can't judge the ppl
    at a moment,n it sometimes lead me 2 grief..
    but,i nowhere worry abt this,coz the regrets wht i collect after getting decived by them
    i commit those ,as the FUEL FOR MY INNER TRANSFORMATION
    n a inner transformed person is more consus, more aware n can prove himself
    as the bagpiper who can turn any organistion around
    (tell ur weakness,lik this wht can ultimately prove ur strength)

    Q8-wht will b the duration of ur service in our organistion?
    A-sir,the period up2 which,my values n my skill will be optimised there
    in efficent way,i will b there at ur service..

    Q9-how much salery do u expect 40m us?
    A-sir,the salery,wht can saturate my minimum requirement as well as the 
    requirement of my parents,tht much salery i expect..

    Q10-wht is ur view on politics?
    A-sir,ppl say it is a gutter,so don't get wonder in its surrounding
    but sir
    2 clean the gutter one will hav 2 go inside it,otherwise it will rotten whole surrounding
    along wid it,so sir
    my opinion the system,for the system,2 change the system...

    Q11-r u religious??
    A-sir,my definition of a religious person is not traditionol.
    i go 2 temple coz i want 2,not because i hav 2..
    my god is my being,the day whn i will explore myself 4 its total awareness..
    tht day is the day of a religious 
    god is nothing but it is ur possiblity,just blow off the filth 40m the mirror
    confronting u,n ur god is there still awating 4 u..

    Q12-do u hav ny question 2 ask??
    A-(must ask here, don't skid)sir,as i m 40m nonIT stream,wht should b my stratgeies
    before joining ,so that i can mingle myself in a absolute it enviroment

    these r some of the question i think this will help u,n for further queries
    mail me at or call 9740769629

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