TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   -22 Sep 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   General - Interview   -22 Sep 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi this is mohan.I want to share my experiences with u all.
    First of all written test it is very easy ,prepare previous papers mort then enough.
    Next Technical interview.

    First of i was very nerves. But the way interviewer received really made me cool
    inter: Hai Mohan how r u?
    me: fine sir.
    inter: Tell about urself.
    me : i gave ans.
    inter: what is your intrest subject? 
    me: C sir.
    inter:write a program to print prime num. in given range.
    me :written.
    inter: write a program to find how many times will the given char will exist in given string using pointers.
    me : written.
    inter:explain ur project.
    me : explained.
    inter:what is data strecture?
    me :explained.
    inter:u had used .net in ur project so can u write code in that?
    me:yes sir.but he didnot asked me any code to write.
    inter:what is team size?
    me: 6
    inter:how many modules r their in ur project,among them in which u involved,ur rool in project?
    me: explained.
    inter:explain oops consepts.
    me :explained.
    inter:Questions on Oracle or Sql Server ?
    me :any one of them no problem sir ........<because i know sql server aslo as part of project>
    inter:some Q's on joins and he asked to write some queries.
    thats ends my tech. interview.


    inter: so u r mr.MOHAN
    me : yes sir.
    inter:tell about ur self?
    inter:explain ur project.
    me : explained.
    inter:which web server did u used? Ans : IIS server
    inter:why tcs? Ans:
    inter: how long will u stay in tcs? Ans: long time sir.
    some Q's on project.


    very very cool
    inter:tell about ur self
    inter:r u willing to work in anyplace?
    inter:r u willing to work in any platform?
    inter:r u willing to write bond for 2 years?

    my ans is only on word yes sir for all.

    finally i was selected in tcs.
    Only thing in intreview is confidence,i contact.

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