TCS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   MGR U Niversity,Chennai-07 Oct 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   MGR U Niversity,Chennai-07 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi guys,Goutam here from MGR Engg College, MGR University,Chennai. we had applied it in may-07, and they called for the offcampus on this oct-07. held on oct 4,5,6,7 n 8. was a bulk recruitment i think. all the processes came to an end in the same day.

    there were 3 rounds.
    1. Verbal, Aptitude n reasoning
    2.Tech round
    3. HR round.

    the 1st round was a online-t for 1 hour 30 mints for all the rounds the time was fixed.
    reasoning-30 mints
    verbal was quite tough. but, barron 12th will make u go thru.
    some 5-10 qustns were from previus papers.

    Aptitude was very very very easy one. speaking frankly, even u need not go for calculation. if u have done all the previous papers the answer itself will remain in ur mind. the moment u'll have a look on the qstn, answer comes automatically into ur mind.

    Reasoning wasn dat easy. try to do it in last, n try to scan the total thing in a deep detail. but, max of them from barron12th. the moment u finish up with this round thye COMPUTERji will show u ur result. for me it was written.. CONGRATULATION, u've cleared this round. and, i wish, to all of them who has worked, practiced somewat over this , u too get this msg.

    Tech round was good. interviwer were very friendly. they will help u to let the answer come from ur mouth. but, u sud thorogh with ur project.[final yr] they asked about the fundamental only. there were a panel of two.

    i- good after noon sir
    one- good after noon, have ur seat.
    gave his hand. (do it farmly) 
    i- thank u sir
    one- so, can u just give a brief abt ur project details.
    one- wat was ur contribution
    i- told.
    one- wat ur other partners did?
    i- told
    one-u have knowlwdge abt those?
    one-can i ask from their part?
    one-then he asked abt my part only.
    i-answerd all with confident.

    they don't require dat u kno all the things, they just see ur bolness, n potential.
    then, the 2nd person started his turn.

    2nd- well what are the languages u kno.
    i-c, c++
    he-wats diff bet c, c++?
    i-structural, object orientd
    he- wats obj?
    i-answered with example.
    he- wats virtual constructor in c++, is it possiblew?
    he-den, wats virtual distructor?
    i- now only remembred dat in c++ virtual constructor is not there only virtual distructor is there.and said.
    he- ok ok .
    i-told something.
    he-why virtual fun is used.
    i-for runtime polymerphism.
    he-what is polymerphism?
    i-described. all
    he-wats frend function?
    he-write a program showing dat-
    i-wrote.. only logic is enuff.
    he-wat wewre the other subjects u studied in ur btech
    don kno.. how strange... i cudnt even remind the name of the subjects at dat moment..
    he- y u dint mention java in ur resume
    i- i have a little knowledge
    he-ok.. can i ask u on networking
    he-name the 7 layers of osi model
    i-told in a single sigh
    he-explain how they work?
    i-drawn the fig,, explained a bit.
    he- ok ok.. enuff.

    then both of them shared something closely and said me... yesss u can move.

    i was damn sure dat, i'll get thru.
    after some time they announced the result.
    now its time for hr. hr was a expression less gentle man.
    while entering he asked something..i cudnt hear.
    i said my name.
    he- ok, have ur seat.
    i-thank u sir
    he-so, u r from???
    he-where did u study?
    i-mgr, chennai
    he-u din get any campus?
    i-no sir, in our college only 2 on campuses were there. i cleared apti but got caught in gd.
    he- ok.. tell abt urself
    i-gave dat 1000 dollar answer.
    he-wat r the langs u know..
    i-c, c++
    he-what program u know.. write//
    i- cudnt understand wat to write.. saw his face as a fool
    he- wat program u can write..??? ok write a prog to calculate from 1 to 100
    i-sir, calculate wat, sum?
    i-wrote. using for loop
    he- how many times the loop wil run?
    i-100 times
    (after coming out only, i realized i cud have written using dat AP series... mite b he was looking for this)
    he-ok wats diff bet c, c++?
    he- explain oops featurs
    he- do u know java?
    i-yes sir.
    he-why u din mention in resume?
    i- i know a bit
    he-well, wats the diff bet c++ n java
    he-well, why tcs?
    i-asia's largest it sector
    he-(raised his eyebrows...) largest???? ok..
    who's the ceo?
    he-ok tell me why shold we hire u?
    i-m a good learner n can adapt anywhere.
    he- ohhhhh???? ok dats it
    i- thank u sir.
    he-was busy with his mobile, gave symbol to go out..
    i- was ready to coming out.. while approaching towards door
    he- well, any questions..??
    i- was really loss of a determination.. was thinking how it gone?
    so, cudnt think anything ... n asked , if selected, in wat languages we need to work?
    he-all are there.
    i-thanku sir

    [they didn't ask anything project but, to all of my frends they were asking about project. remember one thing TCS means project ]
    And they told dat, result will b sent within 2to3 weeks.
    dunno wat'll happen???
    So, in the mean time i thot, always i've been getting help from others from this freshers world and chetanas etc.. so, this time i'll help others by posting my experience.

    Atleast, if someone'll find it worth.. its my pride, my prize..and,i'll b blessed n get thru this hr .
    Thank u all....

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