TCS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   KIET, Ghaziabad -23 Sep 2006

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   KIET, Ghaziabad -23 Sep 2006

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                                                   TCS SAMPLE PAPER ON 23rd SEPTEMBER AT KIET, Ghaziabad

    Hey everyone,
    In the word ORGANISATION if we exchange first with the second, second with the third, third with fourth
    and so on......till last  then what will be the 10 letter from right?

    1.G       2.N       3.A       4.R

    Ans: A



    What is the largest prime no that will fit in 6 bit memory?

    1.65     2. 61    3. 67     4.63

    Ans:    61          Approach:      2^6-1=63which is not prime

                           and the no less than 63 is 61 which is a prime......


    The program size is N. The memory occupied by the program is M=4000sqrt(N),

    If the program size is increased by 1%. Then what is the percentage increase in memory?

    1. 0.1%          2.0.4%         3.0.5%          4.2%

    Ans: 0.5%          Approach:      Sqrt of 101


    In two dimensional array X(7,9) each element occupies 2 bytes of memory. If the address

    of first element X(1,1)is 1258 then what will be the address of the element X(5,8)  ?

    1.1460             2.1365         3. 1356         4.1370

    Ans:   1365        Approach:1258+(4*9*2)+(8*2)



    In a two dimensional array X(9,7) which each element occupying 4 bytes of memory with

    address of the first element X(1,1) is 3000, find the address of X(8,5).
    Ans: 3212


    g(0)= 1, G(1)=-1 ,G(N) = G(N-1)+G(N-2) , g(5)=?

    1.  -2       2. 3         3. 1         4 0

    Ans: -2



    Given g(0)=1, g(1)=-1 and g(n)=g(n-1)+g(n-2), find g(6).


    A power unit is there by the bank of the river of 900 mtr width. a cable is made from power

    unit to power a plant opposite to that of the river and 3000 mtr away from the power unit.
    The cost of the cable bellows water Rs5 / mtr and cost of cable on the bank is Rs 4/ mtr.
    Find the pt where the cable cut through the river.
    1.2800        2. 3000         3. 2100     4.3900

    Ans: 2100


    The size of the bucket is N kb. The bucket fills at the rate of 0.1 kb per millisecond.

    A programmer sends a program to receiver. There it waits for 10 milliseconds / and
    response will be back to programmer in 20 millisecond. How many much time the program
    takes to get a response back to programmer, after it is sent?

    Ans: 30 millisecond



    Which of the following are orthogonal pairs a) 3i+2j b) i+j c) 2i-3j d) 7i+j

    1.a&d    2.a&c     3.c&d         4.b&d
    Ans: a&c


    Which of the following do not form triangle?

    a)5,4,7             b) 3,4,7            c) 3,4,5             d) 1,8,5
    Ans: d



    If A, B, C are the mechanisms used separately to reduce the wastage of fuel by 30%, 40%, 10%.

    What will be the fuel economy if they were used combine?

    1.68.4          2.62.2         3.58         4.27
    Ans: 62.2          Approach:  ( 70/100)*(60/100)*(90/100)*100=37.8   Eco =(100-37.8)=62.2

    If A, B, C are the mechanisms used separately to reduce the wastage of fuel by 25%, 20%, 10%.
    What will be the fuel economy if they were used combine?
    Ans : 46

    My flight takes of at 2pm from a place at 18N 40E and landed 10 Hrs later at a place with coordinates 36N40W.

    What is the local time when my plane landed?

    1. 8.00pm          2. 6.00pm           3. 12.00am         4. 6.40pm
    Ans: 6.40 pm



    The number 384 in decimal system is given by (1432) x in the X System of numbers find the value of X

    a) 5 b) 6 c) 7 d) 8 e) 9

    Ans: a)


    What is the unit of the following?       (power*time) / (velocity*velocity)

    1.mass    2.distance            3.velocity           4.speed

    Ans: mass                     Approach:     power=work/time

                         hence numerator=(work*time)/time=work





    now numerator is (mass*distance^2) / (time^2)

    denominator is (distance^2) / (time^2)       since velocity=distance/time



    Which shape will be obtained by using the values X,Y
    X              Y
    0             0.00001
    10            1.02
    100           1.72
    1000          3.00
    9999          4.72
    Ans: Y= log10(X)



    Number of faces, vertices and edges of a cube

    1.12,6,8        2.6,8,12     3.4 ,6, 8     4.8,12,6   

    Ans: 6, 8, 12



    A, B and C are 8 bit no's. They are as follows:
    A -> 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 1
    B -> 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 1
    C -> 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 ( - =minus, u=union)
    Find ((A - C) u B) =?

    1. 55   2. 64    3. 32      4. 53

    Ans: 55   hint: A-C  is   A intersection C bar    first do negation of C then do A intesersection C



    Student get 3 and 3.5 in their class exam And 1.2 and 1.45 in final exam respectively.

    What might be the class marks of 3rd student who have got 0 marks in final exam?

    1. 0.3       2. 0.5      3. 0.25      4. 0.1

    ans: 0.25          Approach: take the diff and find out



    5, 8, 14, x, 35, 50, X     Find x.             

    Ans: 23



    Find the value of M(363, 5)+R(3.4)+T(7.8)-R(3.8) where M is modulus, R is round-off, T is truncate.

    Ans: 9

    Which of the following are orthogonal pairs a) 2x+3y=6 b) 2x+5y=0 c) 2y=3x+6 d) 7x+y=4
    Ans: ?

    What is the power of 2?

    a. 2068             b.2048              c.2668

    Ans: (B). 2048


    What is the power of 3?

    a) 2345                         b) 9875             c) 6504             d) 9833

    Ans: c)


    Match the following:
                1. Mammal, cow                          a.     A type of
                2. Snake   reptile                         b.     A part of
                3. Roof - Building                         c.     Not a type of
                4. Mushroom - Vegetables            d.     A superset of
    Ans: 1-d, 2-c, 3-b, 4-a

    b g b d q m b g d m g b g g b q m b g q b g d g b a m g b g m
    How many b 's are such that each b is followed by g next to it, if the g is not followed by d next to it.

    Find the result of the following ___expression if, M denotes modulus operation, R denotes round-off,

    T denotes truncation:  M(373,5)+R(3.4)+T(7.7)+R(5.8)

    Ans: 3 + 3 + 7 + 6 = 19



    If TAFJHH is coded as RBEKGI then RBDJK can be coded as ---------



    What is the largest Prime Number that can be stored in 8-bit memory?


    Select odd one out         Java, LISP, SMALLTALK, EIFFEL            
    Ans: effiel

    Select odd one out         sql, DB2, SYBASE, HTTP                                      
    Ans: HTTP

    Select odd one out:        Sybase, DB2, Oracle, Unix


    A and B do a work in 7 days. If A does double as B the how many days take A to do?

    Ans: 10.5


    Find the value of the 678 to the base 7.
    Ans: 1656

    Which of the following is integer?

    a) 451/45          b) 8765676/17               c) 34567/76      d) 567845/19 

    Ans: b)


    If TAFJHH is coded as RBEKGI then RBDJK can be coded as?
    Ans: pcckj

    In madras, temperature at noon varies according to -t^2/2 + 8t + 3, where t is elapsed time.
    Find how much tem more or less in 4 pm to 9 pm.
    Ans: At 9pm 7.5 more 

    What is the max possible 3 digit prime number?
    Ans: 997

    If the vertex (5,7) is placed in the memory. First vertex (1,1) s address is 1245 and

    then address of (5,7) is ----------
    Ans: 1279

    A can copy 50 papers in 10 hours while both A & B can copy 70 papers in 10 hours. Then for how
    many hours required for B to copy 26 papers?
    Ans: 13 hours

    The number 384 in decimal system is given by (1234) x in the X System of numbers find the value of X
     a) 5 b) 6 c) 7 d) 8 e) 9
    Ans: a)

    A man, a woman, and a child can do a piece of work in 6 days. Man only can do it in 24 days.
    Woman can do it in 16 days and in how many days child can do the same work?
    Ans: 16

    Complete the series. 3, 8, --, 24, --, 48, 63.      
    Ans: 15,35



    Comply                                      Cavil                                        Repugnance      

    Desultory                                   Assuage                                   Vouchsafe

    Protract                                    Revile                                       Protract-shorten

    Tenacious-                                Credit-                                      Precipitous-
    Admonish-                                 Repudiate-accept                       Quixotic-
    Invoice-                                    Tractable-                                 Urban
    Disin                                         Complus                                    Precipitate
    Protract-shorten                        Tenacious-                                Credit-
    Precipitious-                              Admonish-                                 Repudiate-accept
    Quixotic-                                   voice-


    Brakish-                                    Clift-split                                  Notrotic-having unfortunate
    Interemirayte-                           Interpied-courages                     Tawdry
    Intervene                                  Intricit                                      Hamper
    Assuage                                    Haplace-unfortunate                  Equanimity-
    Misrange                                   Incontinent-                              Contradictory
    Mirage                                      Interdict                                    Assuage
    Revile                                       Cibide                                       Garrulous-talktive
    Candid-outspoken                      Equanimity-composure               Broucher-oppening
    Chimerical-fantastic                  Prodivity-                                  Regal-royal


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