TCS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   CHENNAI -09 Jun 2006

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   CHENNAI -09 Jun 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    TCS came for recruitment on 9th and 10t june.
    The first round was an online test .
    Its marks alloted for various sections:
      Verbal (Synonym + Antonym+Fill in with most appropriate sentence)   - 20 marks
      Quantz( R.S Agarwal)   - 40 marks 
      Critical Reasoning (This had some Puzzles like in George Summers .Eg. A is to east of c,c is south of d,blah blah blah and youll have to answer the questions) - 30 marks

    Minimum Cut off was 52.5 and results will be flashed in the screen immediately.
    Second round was Technical.Questions were asked generally regarding what you have mentioned in your resume and some general stuffs,about your projects etc.

    Third round was an HR round. There would be some senior personnel interviewing you. You'll be tested both in technical and HR.
    Both in Tech and HR only general concepts(Not deep into ur discipline,but some basic definitions.They Expect Realtime examples only) were asked and every person was tested in his Major only.Eg.Mechanical Students were asked questions only concerning to mechanical engineering.

    (Paper Submitted By : Santhosh Raghavan)

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