TCS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -24 Mar 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -24 Mar 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Written test:  TotalTime-90min                      




    Synonyms- (10),

    Antonyms- (10),

    2 passages- (12),

    1 passage will be too long and in the middle of the passages some sentences will be missing, u will be given 8 sentences which r missing and u have to arrange them in the passage where ever they r suitable.


    2nd passage will be about some questions in the given passage


    Note:don?t use  Ms word to know synonyms and antonyms because if they see us opening word they will send us out


    Time-40min            questions-38



    2-4 Questions were asked in  the Data Sufficiency,

    Once read the five options given in this section because the options we knew from our books may not be the same

    These questions will be mostly from time n work,distance(trains),inequalities,ages,profit and loss


    If x>y,y

    a.x>y>z     b.z    c.z>y

    One more question will be from Inequalities,u have to find the limits of x or exact value of x


    2-3     questions are from probability and permutations

    if there r 3 balls in red color,6 balls in green,10 balls in white,what is the probability of getting 4 balls of which 2 red and 1 white and 1 green ball?


    If 5,3,2,0,1 are the five digits how many numbers of 4 digits can be formed?


    Venn diagrams-3 questions were asked,If  u have times material,read from those book its enough to answer these questions,

    Data interpretation-2questions were asked,may be a bar graph or a pie chart

    The three circles above represent the number of people proficient in English, Physics, Maths. Answer the next three questions based on the diagram
    Q14. How many more (or less) people are proficient in Physics than people who are proficient in English?
    (a)2      (b)3      (c)1      (d)5      (e)6

    Q15. What percentages of people proficient in Maths are also proficient in English but not in Physics?
    (a)16    (b)19    (c)17.4 (d)12    (e)9

    Q16. What percentages of total people are proficient in all three subjects?
    (a)9      (b)6      (c)5      (d)7      (e)8

    The figure on the left represents number of distributors for a Company and the figure on the right depicts region-wise distribution for 1998
    Distributors (in "00s)

    Q17.  Which year has registered the maximum percentage growth in distributors?
    (a)1998       (b)1994       (c)1996       (d)1686       (e) 1888

    Q18.  What is the average number of distributors for 1995-1999?
    (a) 7700      (b) 8800      (c)6800       (d)4800       (e) 7800

    Q19.  If 10% of distributors in 1998 left the Company, how many fresh distributors were made in 1999?
    (a)4500       (b) 4600      (c)4400       (d) 4900      (e) 5400

    Time n work 2-3 questions

    If  a team of 5 members can do a project in 6 days,after one day one person had left,how much time will the others take to complete the project?

    A tap can fill a certain tank in 20ltr the other in 40ltr and the other will make it empty in 30min,whwt time they take to complete a 250ltr tank


    Time and distance 2-3

    Based on trains,

    A police had saw a thief running 100 mts away from him and started chasing him at aspeed of 30mts/sec and the thief is also running at 20mts/ much time will the police take to catch the thief

    Problems based on clocks


    Problems based on profit and loss,SI and CI,the price of items r given in $ and the profit is asked if u sold them at cents


    2-3 questions on percentages

    If a numerator increases 10% and denominator decreases  by 20% then what is the increase or decrease percentage of this from the original number?


    Problems on ages,percentages,chain rule


    Rs agarwal and times books r sufficient to do this section,I got easy questions but there r another 4 sets and most of the questions will come from the above topics


    Critical reasoning-3 passages-12 questions-30min

    two passages  will be mostly from barrons and u can do the other passage easily,

    if u can do barrons passages easily its good,if not u can byheart them easily through some tips,I think u may already knew this any way I am sending u those tips


    1) If any word like motorist appeared in the reasoning paragraph. then remember this short story : Motorist addamga(From this remind AD) velli company CEO (Ceo numchi CE gurthupettukovali) ne guddisadu
    so answer is :ADCE
    u can form the stories of your own like this to remember .this is the way I byhatted them.
    2)if the words marriage in the society appears in the paragraph then story is Pelli kuthurni ne cab lo ante pallaki lo (From this CAB) lo mosukuntu dum dum dum ani (From this D) thesukuvelthunnaru.
    So answer is:CABD
    3) if the word Pentagon appears in the paragraph then story is Us lo pentagon meda attack jariginappude pakkane idea cell tower vundatanta appudu adi kuda padi poyindanta attack lo.e ppudu cell lo c thesi idea lo i place lo pettandi cdea vasthundi
    So answer is :CDEA    
    4) if the word Latin, Sanskrit appears in the paragraph then story is Dady (from this DAD) Sanskrit, latin nerchukomani books (From this remind B) thesukuvacharu       
    So answer is: DADB
    5)  if the word Baseball players appears in the paragraph then story is Base ball players addamga (From this AD)  beer ( from this BE) thagesi ishtamvachinattu aaduthunnaru        
    So answer is: ADBE
    6)  if the word Novels  appears in the paragraph then story is popular novels anni kuda bead meda (from this bead) podukuni chaduvutham kada
    so the answer is :BEAD
    7) if the word Delegations  appears in the paragraph then story is  Delegates vachinappudu ammayalu (from this remind A) boquets echi vallaki welcome chepthu ECE department(From this ECE) ki thesukuni vellaru
    So answer is : AECE
    8) if the word Formal Dinner  appears in the paragraph then story is  dinner lo mulakaada (drum stick from this CADA) vaddincharu
    So answer is : CADA
    9)  if the word Visa  appears in the paragraph then story is Visa vachindi, so us velladu. us velli a to e anni chusesi ( place A first and E last) Madhya madhalo cinemalu, appudappudu college ke vellevadu(so remind CC in the middle).
    so answer is : ACCE
    10)if in the paragraph either museum or eight caves appears
    answer is :CCBB( c square b square)
     museum or eight caves        ccbb(c square b square)
    11)if in the paragraph either  memorial day appears
    Answer is: ccba (c square b a)
    Horizontal row, vertical row     answer:ccac(c square a c)
    Basket ball                             dccb(d c square b)
    Democratic conservative party           ddbc(d square b c)
    Hotel Miramar                           dbca
    Story for this is in dhaba (from this DB) cat walk(from this CA) is going on  so answer is DBCA
    Three worker each day                   aede
    Six school board members                dbde
    Official hoster of newyork city         eade
    A is the father of two children         deeb (d e square b)
    A,b,c,d,e ,f,q                          edbc
    A,b,c,w,d,e,x,f                         aabc ( a sqaure b c)


    Technical questions:

    All the questions were based on the languages and concepts u have mentioned in the resume and also from ur academic syllabus,don?t leave any subjects u have in the academic syllabus,

    If u have done any mini project or main project then questions will be asked from them


    What is  dbms?

    What is dwh,how can u differentiate them?

    Why do u need dwh

    Queries based on sql

    To pass numbers as parameters what u have use in the query language

    If u want mca 2nd sem students list with out passing a query every day,how can u generate it automatically

    Circuit switching and packet switching

    Differences between lan,wan and is there any other network than these networks

    What is constructor?

    Differences between C and C++

    Is algorithm necessary for writing a program

    Where does os is stored

    What type of os is used in ur college

    What technology is used for data mining in ur college

    How many types of sorting are there

    What is quick sort

    Arrange a,b,c,d according to quick sort and also using by bubble sort

    Waterfall model

    Is internet comes under the wide area network application

    Do u know codd rules,tell them?

    Features of oops

    If u given width of a sqare,write a program to draw a square



    Note:for sure these questions were asked

    Ø  Tell me about ur self?

    Ø  What is ur favourite subject?(some may ask the questions out of ur favourite sub)

    Ø  how would u rate ur self in ur fav sub between 1-10?

    Ø  Where do u see ur self in the next five years?

    Ø  Why should tcs hire u?

    Ø  Why tcs is ur dream company or why do u opt tcs?





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