TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   VRSEC Engg, Vijayawada-18 Nov 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   VRSEC Engg, Vijayawada-18 Nov 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    This is Uma Kiran Ramadugu from VR Siddhartha Engg College, doing M.C.A cleared the TCS test and got place.

    The selection procedure is purely depends upon the candidates Confidence levels and communication. The candidates should have to clear the written test first. This is simple and questions are from puzzles, aptitude, probability. I think the old question papers are sufficient to prepare and one thing keep in mind is there is a negative marking of 1/3rd so be careful of that.

    Don't gues the answers. Try correct answers only. There is a chance of selecting candidates on the basis of accuracy. So be aware of that.

    Once you cleared the written test, 50% of your job was completed. Then you will have technical round. In this round the candidate will be tested for his confidence levels and technical aspects. The questions are from the subjects you mentioned in your resume. So mention the subject that you are perfect, be perfect in atlest one programming and one theory subject and know the basic concepts of all the subjects in your acodamics. For M.C.A's the questions are from DBMS, N/W, O.S are enough.
    Be confident in answering the questions.

    Once you cleared the Technical, 80% of your job was over and you will be called for M.R and then H.R. In this the questions are from your hobbies that are mentioned in your resume. So be prepare well for all. Prepare some example situations for your strengths, weakness etc.
    TCS mainly concentrate on candidate's behaviour, attitude, ang confidence. So be confident in facing the interview.

    All the best Guys.
    For aptitude follow old question paper from this site.
    In technical be confident about your answer even it is wrong.

    For example, In my interview.

    He: No.of pins in a micro processor?
    Me: 32(but actually it is 40)

    He: Sure
    Me: Sure sir.

    He: What is the 1st pin?
    Me: Address (Actually it is for power)

    He: Really, then what about 16th pin?
    Me:That is also for Addess sir.

    He: Sure.
    Me: Yes sir sure.(But its wrong, i know)

    He: Ok what about 24th pin?
    Me: Acknowlge sir (again wrong answer but i said strongly and spontaneously)

    He: Ok
    In this review he tested my confidence about answers, not for correct answer. Friends be careful that some times they may try to trap you by making jokes on something don't fall in that trap. If you really don't know the answer really, then formally say "Sorry, Dont know sir"
    Don't loose your confidence even you not answered the 10 questions continusly.
    Answer the 11th question with confidence.
    Maintain eye contact with the interviewer. If you look surroundings, he may thought that you are afraid of him.
    So don't do that.
    Some times they are looking very harsh. But actually they are acting before you. So don't afraid of them.
    Have a pleasant smile on your face(Don't laugh).
    Don't give negative answers in H.R and M.R.
    Once they thought that you may leave their organisation. They won't select you. So agree with the questions they asked, like.
    Do you agree with our bond?
    Say yes.
    In this they are checking for your honesty and attitude.
    Like that.
    One important point is prepare the question "tell me about your self" very impressive manner.
    Then "Why Should we hire you?"
    Then "Why TCS?"
    Then "Why do you wish to join with us?"
    Then "Tell something about TCS?" (For this question, better to say latest happenings of TCS.)
    These are common questions. So be prepare well.
    All the best for rocking M.C.A guys. See you in TCS.

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