TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   VIT University-02 Jun 2008

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   VIT University-02 Jun 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    First written exam will be conducted if u clear that u will be called for interview

    Written exam -It is online exam which contains sectional time cut off
    It consists of three sections
    Verbal section (32 questions-20 minutes)
    Aptitude (38 questions -40 minutes)
    Critical reasoning (12 questions-20 minutes)

    Verbal section
    Consists of 32 questions out of which 10 questions are synonyms, 10 questions are antonyms, 6 questions are passage filling, 6 questions are reading comprehension. All questions in this section are from previous papers only. At least read previous papers of current year it?s enough definitely u will clear this section. For synonyms and antonyms please refer GRE Barron?s and for Passages filling and reading comprehension refer previous papers only. 

    All questions are from IIT- Mumbai paper and Bits pilani paper which I have uploaded in the same site, Please refers them. They will give same models of previous papers but with values change. If u don?t get procedure to solve questions post them in yahoo answers  u will get good response.

    Critical reasoning
    It got 3 passages with 4 questions each. All questions r from Gre barrons 12 th edition model tests which r given at last in the book. I got
    1) Model test 2-section 6-question(17-22)
    2) Mode test 3-section 6-question(1-4)
    3) Model test 5-section 7-question(6-9)

    This is very cool. He asked me
    1) Tell about yourself
    2)What is DOS? Where the commands r run in DOS
    3) What is the difference between c, c++, java
    4) What r different data models in dbms
    5) Differences between compiler and interpreter , which is efficient
    6) Tell one language which is interpreted
    7) But it was difficult for many of our frnds

    All the best guys. Tomorrow my results will be announced so wish me all d best. Hope it will be useful for u.

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