TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Veltech Engineering College ., Chennai-08 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Veltech Engineering College ., Chennai-08 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Message to those who r searching for a job .....


    READ THIS MAIL FULLY:  (must read)


    Guys who have placed already no need to read thisss.... since they

    don't need thisssss..........


    Those who r in Chennai ,  don't get disappointed hardly one or two

    opening available in any company  in Chennai.


    Below is my interview experience...... even a hard heated person will

    feel sorry for me....


    1.      Indian Navy -Failed

    2.      TCS- Failed

    3.      Advent net ( zogo )-Failed

    4.      Honeywell-Failed

    5.      Solaris-Failed

    6.      CSC ( covancys )-1 Round Cleared-Failed

    7.      Servion-Failed

    8.      Changepond-Failed

    9.      Systech solution-Cleared 2 Rounds (Failed in final  3 ?Person Hr

    and Technical interview)

    10.     Lazer  words(1 round selected)

    11.     HCL BPO(Selected waited for call letter)

    12.     HCL  ( aspiring minds) -Failed

    13.     Global  analytics - Failed

    14.     CDAC- Failed

    15.  visit)

    16.     Scope- Failed

    17.     Comodo- Failed

    18.     Siden Technologies(Failed in final interview)

    19.     Peridot (consultancy)

    20.     Mafoi (consultancy)

    21.     Career growth (consultancy)

    22.     Ladder steps (consultancy)

    23.     Comfi  Solution.(consultancy)

    24.     Visiteon.( just visit)

    25.     Wipro (just  resume).

    26.     Cordiant-Failed

    27.     Infi  Solution( Selected).

    28.     Lemon Soft (Selected).

    29.     Maruti Software solution(selected).

    30.     E4E (Cleared Few rounds).

    31.     I-net  solution(just visit)

    32.     Take solution( Failed in Lost round)

    33.     Carevoyant- Failed

    34.     Attotel- Consultancy

    35.     CSS- (Failed in last interview)

    36.     DCKAP-Failed

    37.     Aavanor-Failed

    38.     Touch point-Failed

    39.     Asia HR consultancy solution-Failed in second round

    40.     Amazon again(Cleared 4rounds)?Waiting for next round call.

    41.     Ventura consultancy(Cleared)

    42.     Seventh sense( Consultancy)

    43.     Califer (tuition center)

    44.     NIIT for faculty -Failed

    45.     CTS( Just visit)

    46.     Oracle-Failed

    47.     Edserv ? Cleared Everything(Waiting for result)

    48.     TCS   -   SELECTED Got Acknowledgment (Waiting for joining date).


    Try Try Try Try Try ........u will improve  Few of my best friends

    have the mental ability of attending only MNC company's but still now

    none of them got placed. ( I am dedicating this message to them).


    I have attended more than 40(leave college campus interview)

    interviews within last 2 months. that means every 2 days i had

    attended one interviews and someday may be two, if time permits. This

    doesn't mean that i have to get any job to survive, infact I got

    placed in HCL BPO in pet engineering college campus interview, but my

    final interview is only on august 20. From that day I set a challenge

    to myself that i have to get a software job in Big MNC Company before

    august 20.


    Now in August 22 i got placed in TCS.......


    Just see the above list i have attended almost 10 to 12 consultancy's

    and many of the companies will give only 5000 to 6000 salary.

    when u attended that company they will conduct 4 to 5 interviews .

    It's really disappointing when u come to know that salary is 5000only

    with 2 years bond.


    But at that time Only thing i have said to myself is that switch onto

    next interview.....There is no compulsion that u need to go to that

    company. But those 4 interview experience will help u in your bright



    Remember one more thing guyz i have lot of reference from CTS and TCS,

    but nothing produce fruit even my sister is working in CTS with 5years

    experience. To enter into MNC's u need to be improve improve improve

    improve for that u need to attend interviews.....


    Attending 1 interview  =  To studying continuously for 24 hours  =

    Spending 15 thousand for course. [ THIS IS A FACT].


    When i came out of OUR college


    1).I don't know how to give Self introduction.

    2).I don't know how to write a simple 'C Program eg: even add program

    when i compile it shows' 3 errors. [Proud to say that i am a Computer

    science Engineer)

    3)I don't know area of square formula( mostly i confuse between a^2

    and 4a^2)


    But at the end of 45th interview u can see i have started clearing

    everything i did..... And i will clear in the future too.


    Now I have Mastered  SQL,C,C++,    Learned:  SAP (ABAP), Dot

    NET(ASP.NET), Linux, Html,



    Don't thing that i got placed in TCS because of luck.  Technical and

    Hr round in TCS is a stress interview for me almost they haven't asked

    a single technical question ,every question they asked make me

    angry,almost cried. But my interview experience gives a hand in lot of

    those questions.



    Hr asked me : Who is the CEO of TCS?

    I replied :I don't know sir....

    His reply: Better go home now and learn who is the CEO and come back

    again after 6 months.  why i have to select someone who don't even know

    TCS CEO name..???

    I replied: I don't even have the time to look into your website since

    for the last few days i have prepared how to clear aptitude &

    technical interview.please test my technical skills sir ....please sir

    I'm just a fresher..with a smiling face. (Truth: I have prepared only

    2 hours)


    See guyz  how the question is .....?


    But out of 5 person attended under that Hr interview , Only i got



    Dear Friends any of u decided to attend the above mentioned company in the list please get in touch with me through mail or phone. Feel free to contact me i will tell u the details of their selection procedure....


    Take everything i said so far in a serious way. There is no need for

    luck,   U   CAN  CREATE   LUCK....


    Thanks & Regards




    Phone: 9789727392


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