TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Vel Technical College Avadi, Chennai -19 Sep 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Vel Technical College Avadi, Chennai -19 Sep 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends, This is Srinivasa Raghavan an ECE student. I thank for being a part for my selection in TCS. Test held on 19th Sept 2010. Actually i have attended almost 20 MNC companies interview but i was not able to clear it so don't get disturbed by that failure attended TCS recruitment that i have registered 6 months before the test.

    Procedure Of TCS (Conducted to me):

    1. Written test
    2. Techinal Interview & HR

    Written test

    The written test held on 8th and 19th September 2010 at Vel Tech college Avadi Chennai on 18th they conducted all the event in same day itself (Aptitude+Technical interview+HR)about60 got selected from
    six batch consisting of 400 canditates(i came to know from my friend).

    On 19th September almost 3000 candidate took the test.
    First of all read all the candidates experience and question models  given in it will be very useful for you.

    From 3600 they took 82 canditates. For me the result came on 29th Sept afternoon (until that i thought that i will not clear the test).

    Technical & HR.

    They send a mail that you have cleared the online test and to attend the personal interview on 3rd Oct 2010.

    On 3rd i went to  the venue they gave a form to us i.e; 82 canditate and took attendance after that they called form from 10 candidate and they moved us to the panel members for me it started at 11.30am finished at 12.20pm approximately they have timing for the questions also after the interview. We waited in an auditorium the organiser came and called some of the names who have not cleared. At approximate 2.30 they announced the result of selected and i was in that list.

    Here they need to know about your confidence and learning and adaptability, communications so be frank think that it is your last chance and attend with confidence.

    Questions where like this:
    1. Mainly from resume, i wrote that i have donated my blood they questioned what is rare blood group.

    2. Some technical questions on Computer networks and other.
    3. About personal story inspired you a lot.
    4. Where will you be from 3 years after
    5. Please know full details of your project.
    6. Some Microsoft latest inventions
    7. Tell me about yourself.
    8. What you will be doing if i hire you also tell more things they mainly see that whether you are speaking a lot(but it should have some contribution towards the work)

    All the best to all who attend TCS recruitments see you at TCS.


    Note: That where ever you go for placement make friends if you select or not that will be useful for your next off-campus details (they can inform you about the off-campus).
    If you want any help regarding TCS placement contact me @( )

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