TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Vel Tech Engg College, Chennai-21 Aug 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Vel Tech Engg College, Chennai-21 Aug 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,


         I am kiruthiga from S.A. Engineering College, Chennai. I am an ECE student. I have attended TCS interview held at Vel Tech Engineering College on 21st August. There are only two rounds in the selection process. First round is the aptitude round and the second round is the Technical & HR round. I give you some tips from my experience.


    Aptitude round:

            In the aptitude round, it was an online test for 60 minutes and there will be thirty five questions. The questions were from probability, Area, Ages, Distance, time, Speed, permutations and Fibonacci series. The questions were prepared by touch tone group.


    When you started the touch stone test, the time will be started automatically. On the right side questions numbers are displayed, you should click on the questions no to see that questions. There is also a tool clues which will show a set of formulas, we have to find which formula is for which question.


    Keep in mind that there will be unnecessary data?s in the questions to waste our time, all the relevant data?s will be mostly available at the last two or three lines. There is an option for you to get clues but you have to find which formula suits that particular question. Better don?t go for clues initially, it will waste your time. 


    First, read the questions one by one, save immediately when you know the answer for that question. If you don?t know exactly, move to the next question. After you finish the first reading, now again read from the first and work out the questions for which you know the formula already and save the answer.  Now again have a third reading, this time you go for clues and work out. Don't answer questions with guess, just leave it if you don't know because a negative marking of -0.33 was there for every wrong answer.


    I have answered 15 questions in my first reading and I know those are surely correct. Then i answered 16 questions in my second reading. I didn?t go for third reading because my time is over so I left 4 questions. If you answered 15 questions with full confidence, then surely you will clear the aptitude round.


    Prepare for aptitude from the previous questions and our friends also explained some of the questions, go through that, it is more than enough. Once you clear the aptitude round you will get confidence to face the HR round. I received the hall ticket on 19th August, i prepared for the interview on 20th only. I just spent 1 hour for aps,  the remaining time i prepared for the HR.



    Technical & HR round:


    (To prepare for the HR round, study your favourite subject well and also prepare any one programming language too)

              After my online test i waited in the announcement area for the results. They announced both the selected and deselected candidates. They announced my name at 1.30 pm. They gave a form to fill and took us to the HR room. I waited outside the HR room. One of the HR came out and called me to get inside. There were two male HRs interviewed me. Both of them asked questions. Both are very cool persons


    HR: Good afternoon.

    Me: Good afternoon.

    HR: Please sit.

    Me: Thank you sir.

    HR: How was the test?
    Me: I prepared yesterday so I feel its easy
    HR: IS there any preparation needed.

    Me: We can answer without preparation but if we are prepared we can save time.

    HR: How your friends and family call you

    Me: My family members call me as Devi

    HR: Ok fine we too feel better to call you as devi?ok devi? Tell us about yourself..

    Me: answered..

    HR: ok fine which is ur favourite subject..

    Me: Microcontroller

    HR: what is a microcontroller?

    Me: answered

    HR: Give some examples..

    Me: answered..

    HR: can we change the program of an IC

    Me: We can change the program but once it is fitted into the equipment we cannot change.

    HR: You are from ECE dept. What are the computer related subjects you have studied

    Me: answered

    HR: Do you know the author name of networks book

    Me: sorry sir I forgot..

    HR: What is an IP address?

    Me: No idea sir I forgot?

    HR: you know C programming right?

    Me: Yes sir

    HR: write two C programs, first program is the addition of two numbers and pass the result to the second program & print it

    Me: I have not written such kind of programs.

    HR: ok fine just simply write a program for the addition of two   numbers and printing the result.

    Me: Thank you sir(with smiling face I wrote the program very fastly).

    HR: Very good you have written without any errors.. Why void is used here

    Me: answered

    HR: what is pointers

    Me: answered..

    HR: What is call by value and call by reference?

    Me: answered?

    HR: ok Why you want to be in IT?

    Me: from my 12th standard itself I am aiming at TCS because most of my neighbours are working in TCS. When they said me about TCS, I was impressed. In engg ECE is given a high preference so I chose ECE.

    HR: ok to be a part  of IT learn more from the internet, devi? it will help you a lot.

    Me: Sure sir I know what I have learnt is not enough?

    HR: ok devi tell us about ur positives and negatives

    Me: answered..

    HR: will you work at night shifts? Many of the girls accept now and after they will say many issues? So only we asked? Usually there will be no night shifts. If a product has to be delivered tomorrow and the work was not finished till evening Will u stay back at the office..

    Me: Its my duty sir surely I will stay back?.

    HR: Your parents allow you?
    Me: yes they will allow they never discourage me..

    HR: Do you prefer to work anywhere?

    Me: Sure sir.

    HR: Thanks devi. Nice talking with you.

    Me: Thank you sir. I too feel nice.



    I came out of the room by 2.30. They asked me to wait in a room at 3rd floor. One of my college friend was also got selected. We started talking about our experience. Finally by 4.10 they came and gave us the confirmation letter. There were thousands of people participated on that day but only 50 candidates got selected till my batch.

    Thank God i'm also one of them.


    To impress the HR always keep eye contact with them, show your confidence in your answers,

    look at them with a smiling face, don?t be panic and be positive. If you don?t know the answer just say don?t know. Don?t answer like bla .bla.


    Wish you all the very best.


    Always do your best and get selected.


    Meet you in TCS.





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