TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Vel Multitech College, Chennai-21 Aug 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Vel Multitech College, Chennai-21 Aug 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,
          I am Karthick.G from Chennai, I attended TCS campus drive at Vel Multitech College, Chennai on 21st August 2010. This is the pattern what they followed here,
    The whole Recruitment process had four rounds.

    1) Written Test
    2) Technical Interview

    1) Written Test.
               I was called to take the written test by 15:00 hours and the total test duration was 60 mins and it had 35 questions with 1/4 negative marking. Guys, let me give you some tips for cracking the written test. The written test will be a CBT(Computer Based Test). Guys, as there is a negative marking and cutoff required is high dont let your luck play a major role, attend only the questions that you know, this is the major point needed to be kept in mind.
    You will be getting most of the questions with nearly 10 lines, so read quick and note down the datas alone in a paper and there will be a lot of unwanted datas too which you really dont need so make sure that you take only the needed datas and do the calculations,and u can click and make use of the CLUE button at right bottom which will give you formulas to solve the particular problem and you won't be having time to
    See all the 35 questions in 60 mins, so you need to hurry up with acctive and presence of mind.
    I got problems from age, ratio proportional, speed and distance, sequence, probability, work and time, average, blood relation, area and volume and one logical question. I hope that you all guys will get from these topics only. So prepare with it, and one technical question using formula V=IR, which we used in physics actually. I attended 25 questions correctly.
    I fininished my test by 16:00 hours and they announced the results by 17:00 and I cleared this round and i was asked to fill a form and was waiting for the final round. Nearlly 1000 students took the written test and around 100 cleared this round, maximum elimination is in this round only.
    2) Technical Interview.
    Resume plays an important role in this round, what ever you put in your resume will be reflected to you as questions so carefully add the details.
    I entered the interview panel by 18:00 hours after waiting for an hour and took my seat and he asked me to introduce myself and asked me to explain my academic project and got questions from whatever i had included in my resume like hobbies, paper presentations, extra courses, inplant trainings, extra curricular activities and so on and as i was from electronics background and he asked me to explain some basic concepts in C, Computer networks and i have put my area of interest as Mainframe as i did Mainframe course after my college, so i got a lot of questions from  JCL, VSAM, COBOL, DB2, CICS topics and after 20 mins i left the room and was waiting for the results, they announced the results by 19:15 hours and i got selected, and i am into TCS and got my offer letter. Around 100 had their interview but around 30 students only cleared this round so start preparing hardly for this round and all the best to you guys.
           Guys, in 5 hours i got my offer letter and this is the Company which had their recruitment process in a short span of time and be confident guys. See you all in TCS any suggestions and questions contact me at .

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