TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   VARDHAMAN ENGINEERING COL-8 Sep 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   VARDHAMAN ENGINEERING COL-8 Sep 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi everyone over here.
    This is Pavan and I am going to write my experinece in this portal. I had my written exam at GITAM university on 5 sep 2010. I had my. After that I was been called for interview at VARDHAMAN ENGINEERING COLLEGE on 8th September 2010. I am from ECE department.
    About written test:

    You would have seen many papers that have been seen by many persons in this portal. You see them at a glance and you would be letting to know about the pattern.You will be getting the similar questions with names and numericals changed. I have attempted 26 questions out of which I am sure that 25 questions are correct. One thing i want to tell you accuracy is important indeed very important in the TCS written exam. Even if you answer 18-20 questions accurately it is enough you will clear the written round.

    Then interview rounds

    Technical Round:
    There are two interviewers. One Male and Other one is female.
    Interview questions: Tell me about yourself
    Which is your interesting subjects
    Questions on those subjects.
    Questions on c language
    A simple program on c language
    OOPS basics
    Java features
    Difference between C and Java
    Questions on Micro Processors
    Question on MicroWave Engineering.
    Difference between Analog signal and Digital signal
    Likewise it went about 30 minutes approximately.

    After two hours the results came and I was selected in Technical round.

    Managerial Round:

    This went quite superb for me

    He asked about myself
    Why TCS
    And then he asked if i have any questions
    I asked him some questions that's it.
    After 5 minutes results came and I was selected in Managerial round and i was promoted to HR round.
    I have waited nearly 2 hours then my name was called for HR interview.

    HR round:

    HR round was quite friendly and common questions,

    Tell me about Yourself
    Hobbies etc

    I asked him some questions and everything went smoothly and now, i am waiting for my result.

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