TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Vardhaman College,Hyderabad-29 Aug 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Vardhaman College,Hyderabad-29 Aug 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    The written test consists of 35 questions.
    All questions are Aptitude questions. No verbal, no passages etc.
    Time : 1 hour
    There is Negative marking: -0.33 for each wrong answer
    Timer will be displayed on the top right corner of the screen
    Most of the questions are lengthy.They are about 4 to 5 lines.But they are easy.

    NOTE:  1. In lengthy questions first 1 to 3 lines used to be unnecessary time waste information, and the problem correctly starts from 3 or 4 th line.So, read the question fastly with in few seconds & try to know from where the question starts.
    2. Among 35 some questions between 8 to 10 are given direct question without unnecessary matter.So, friends when u feel a question is lengthy or u can't solve it just leave it go to others (maybe be other questions r direct).
    3. I think it will be better to have a view of  all bits by half  an hour doing all known or easy bits because we can't  say where easiest bit will be because I saw 1 easy bit in last 20 sec and I was unable to attempt it.
    4. Take calculator with you to written exam ,they will allow it.It makes ur  work easier.

    Coming to preparation for written test it is enough if go through examples and 1st exercises in R.S Aggarwal
    topics include ratio, average, age problems etc.

    Never try to guess and answer. I have attempted 21 out of 35 no guess work  .

    I got a mail that i cleared written exam.

    Next Rounds: 1-9-10


    Some of  the selected had one round after another.
    And some had MR and Technical at a time then HR round.

    I had Technical and MR at once
    Here I was asked Technical itself?

    I was of E.C.E background
    I kept interested subject as circuit theory ,C language
    I will write questions asked

    Have you attempted for Tcs before?
    Do you Know about digital electronics
    design a nand gate using nor gates
    draw a circuit using R,L,C?
    Why we have to use inductor in circuits, what is their behavior?
    Why we have to use capacitor in circuits, what is their behavior?
    Asked another questions related to E.C.E
    I said, that i could not recollect right know
    Why did you keep Circuit Theory as Interesting subject
    What subject do you know well?
    C language
    what are different types of data types?
    what are different types of data structures?
    write a program on Fibonacci series?
    write a program on palindrome?
    what are user defined data types?
    what is a union and diff b/w arrays ,structures union?
    Are there any question?
    I asked the question(E.C.E related) that i was unable to  answer before
    They explained.

    Any more questions?
    No sir.

    Thank you
    Thank you sirs

    Note: Confidence
              It will be easy if we tell were we r really good at
              They are stressing on basics only.

    Next is HR Round

    Tell abt urself?
    What is ur best achievement till now?
    You have got 1st in story telling competitions right,
    A:yes madam.
    Tell a story on 3  HRs present in this room(interviewing different  candidates at different places)
    given 1 minute time.
    A: told
    Ur creativity is good .Can you implement it in programming?
    How will u implement it(creativity) in tcs like companies where u will be having bound targets( to complete a project in given limited days)?
    Are you interested to work in anywhere in india?
    Are u interested to work in kolkatta?
    Asked again

    Are there any questions?
    me: What would be the reason if i were to be rejected?
    ans: communication is good, but used fillers while telling story

    ThanksThanks(For telling my mistake in Hr round)

    Any more questions ?
    no madam.

    Thank you
    me: Thank you

    I felt its our confidence that plays major role again.

    We were informed that the selected candidates will be sent mail by next 10 days
    So, i am  waiting for mail.

    Hoping that my experience help you.
    All the best .


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