TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Vardhaman College, Hyderabad-9 Sep 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Vardhaman College, Hyderabad-9 Sep 2010

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

     My interview was on 9th of September, i was to be there at 3:00 pm. I reached there at 3:30.
    Registrations were closed at 4:30, we then were assigned a panel. My chance came at around 6:30, it continued for 20 min.
    There were two members in the panel.
    First question: Tell us about urself
    Me: (told)
    Panel: Tell us about ur project
    Me: told
    Panel: tell about visual basic(my project included VB)
    Me: dont know much about VB
    Panel: asked some more questions abt the project
    Me: answered
    Panel: wt is d diff between char and varchar, procedure and function, array and structure
    Me: answered(i didnt answer for char and varchar)
    Panel: wt operating systems can u work on
    Me: told vista
    Panel: how can u find ip address of a web address?
    Me: dont know
    Panel: draw the open circuit and closed circuit. write the truth tables of and & or
    Me: (it's d simplest for every1)
    Panel: can u write a c program?
    Me: yes
    Panel: then write a program using while loop
    Me: (i wrote)
    Panel: y do u want to choose software job
    Me: told the reason
    Panel: wt would u do if another electronics company would pay u more?
    Me: (convinced them dat i will stick to the software job)
    Panel: wt would tcs get if we select u
    Me: told
    Panel: u wrote good communication skills in ur resume so how could u say dat?
    Me: many times i had convinced the other person so i have put that
    Panel: but dat would mean strong convincing and negotiating skills
    Me: a person without good communication skills cant convince others sir
    Panel: u said u have good comm skills then did u participate in debates
    Me: no sir
    Panel: y
    Me: i had participated in many group discs but not debates sir
    Panel: if u were assigned a project and there are 2 other members. u know certain things about the project which are not known to others. then what would u do? will u completen the work by urself or try to teach them those concepts
    Me: we r in a grooup so y would i take the entire load on myself. i would try to teach them
    Panel: wt if they dont understand?
    Me: then i cant waste my time. i will proceed to do the work
    Panel: but u told u have good cmm skills
    Me: bt sir other one should also have good listening skills
    Panel: u wrote tactful in accomplishing tasks. can u give us any example
    Me: i cant recall any such task at this time sir
    Panel: tell me any such thing which u may have done in ur daily life
    Me: i m unable to recall sir
    Panel: did u organise any events?
    Me: no but assissted when my help was needed
    Panel: but u didnt initiate anything
    Panel: okay u wait there for one minute
    (They showed me a place and discussed some thing for 10 seconds and called me. they told to wait in some other room)
    so after coming out of the interview room i was told that only those who cleared the interview were told to wait in dat other room and i felt happy)

    After much waiting i had the HR round, i was called and only one HR was present.
    He: tell me abt urself(he was checking my resume and the remarks by previous HRs)
    Me: told
    He: tell me about ur achievements
    Me: there is no such gr8 achievement which can be shared in dis interview
    He: wt r u doing these days
    Me: i am waiting for my offer letter. i got a job in mahindra satyam ( hey guys i actually got a job in satyam but didnt get my offer letter for 3 months... some others got it.... so i came for tcs)
    He: so wt will u choose satyam or tcs?
    Me: tcs is a big name and compared satyam with tcs....
    He: can u sign an agreement for 24 months
    Me: definitely sir
    He: if u get selected then u will get mail by one week
    Me: okay sir
    He: prepare urself for new technologies
    Me: ok fine sir (and happily left)

    And now i am waiting for my mail
    (If any candidates who had the interview on the same day at the same venue, please write a comment if you receive any mail)

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