TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Vardhaman College-22 Aug 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Vardhaman College-22 Aug 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    I had attended for TCS online test, in Vardhaman college on 22nd August 2010. The following are my experiences.
    Points to remember:

    1.        Try to read only last 4 lines of any question if it is long(this isonly for some questions. )

    2.        Try to think logically ( for some bits)but not problematically.

    3.        Try to think accd to regional features if you don?t find any relevant answers.

    The online test consists of 35 questions, 60 min. Some of the questions given are below:

    1.  A scientist in Antarcitic  region conducts research on bears, came to know that bears changes according to the location .once he moves 1 mile towards north ,then he moves 2 miles towards east, then 1 mile towards south. now the color of bear he found will be in :

    a.        Black.

    b.       White.

    c.        Brown.

    d.       Grey.

     Clue: you must not try to  answer above ques. In direction sense because no relevant data reg . directions in the answers were given, but logically answer is white because in the antarcitic region i.e polar region bears are in white color.

    2.        The difference of 2 no?s is 9 , product is 29 then what is the sum of the squares of the two numbers is:             

    A ns:136
    Clue: (a-b)^2 = a^2 +b^2  - 2ab
    3. One question like ?((509 * 509*509) ? (229*229*229)/((509-229)*((509*509)+(509*229) + (229*229) is: ( not sure of no?s but model is same)
    Clue: solve using (a^3-b^3) formula also for some ques( a^3 +b^3).

    4.find the least no which when divides 2880 gives a perfect square:

    Options are: 3,4,5,6

    Ans:5 ( 2880/5 = 576 )

    5.if a word PARTEEK.. SOME THING LIKE THAT if reversed gives a word.the word is belonging to:

    Clue: ans is BIRD because the word when reversed is PARKEET which belongs to the family of birds.

    6. One question on ages like iam having 3 grand children the difference between two of them is 3 years . the eldest grand son is thrice that of the youngest grandson. Some of the ages of the two younger ones is  some X times that of elder one. What is the present age of the elder one:

     Ans is 15 for the question given to me.

    7. one question on relations : a person says that I have no brother or sister .pointing to a photograph he says that that man?s father?s  son is his father or some thing like that but question is so easy don?t be hurry  u can easily answer it.

    8. one question like there are 2 tanks A and B .for filling 1 litre in  the tank A it fills tank B in 10,20,30,40,50?.. in this ratio. Find the time taken to fill the 1/8th of tank B.

    9. there are 2 cans filled with spirit and water  .if a spoon of water is taken and added to can B now can B is well shaked .   now if a spoon of spirit is taken from can B and added to can A.


    a.        Quantity of spirit in can A is more than quantity of water in can B.

    b.       Quantity of spirit in can A is less than quantity of water in can B.

    c.        Ratio of quantity of mixture of spirit in can A is more.

    d.       Ratio of quantity of mixture  of water in can B is more.

    Not sure of options but answers are like that

    10. a question  like a wire is wound whose resistance is  some 132.44647 ohms ?..if a voltage of 30 mv ,296 mA current is applied to it what is the resistance ??

    Clue: use formula  R= V/I. beware of voltage & current particularly kilo or milli etc.. units.

    11. one question on finding perimeter of rectangle.

    12. one question on series like A B C D E F G H????.. ( CONSIDER VALUES IN PLACE OF ABCD?S) . FIND the next term.

    Clue: take alter native terms in the series find their difference,now consider next alternative items their difference is also the same now add the difference to the corresponding series last term.

    13. there are two persons paul and Jay .Paul lies on Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday and the remaining days he speaks truth.Jay lies on Thursday,Friday,Saturday and the remaining Days he speaks truth.once they meet each other,in their conversation Paul says that  yesterday is the day one among those I lie.Jay also says that yesterday  I also lie. what is that day?

                     a) Sunday.

                     b) Tuesday.

                     c) Thursday.

                     d) Wednesday

    clue: you may think or asses that there is no such day that both of them never lie on same day.But the fact  is that one of the options will only suits as answer such that one of the two lie on that day.

      I remember only some of these questions.also prepare the following topics:

    Ages,percentages,numbers,simplification,profit and loss,time and work,time and distance etc..


    The best way to crack the test is be cool and think logically before you answer the questions.Never try to guess the answers. Answer only those which you are 200% confident.try to answer around 22-24 and I hope any one who does the calculations can answer 25 at a max.

    Finally I request you guys ?never guess the answers mark those which you are confident because it lost only due to that . the cut off may be around 18 ? 20.








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