TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   V R Siddhartha Engg College, Vijayawada -16 Nov 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   V R Siddhartha Engg College, Vijayawada -16 Nov 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Mukesh Pallapothu's  Interview experiences?held at VRSEC from 16th Nov -18th Nov.

    16th -Written test:

    TCS in collobration with IIT?s developed a software known as Touchstone it consists of around 2 lac questions in its database. Don't get disappointed with that number basically there will  be only around 100-150 models  which you can get from our portal

    It was a cool test since we have thoroughly practiced aptitude and reasoning.

    Next comes technical review round it was done on 17th ensure that your name will be in the list of candidates of Technical round. So that you can almost reserve a place in TCS.

    My Technical round took place around 6:30 pm waited for around 10 hours to get my turn as they started around 8:00 am on that day vexed with it. But thank God I cleared it easily questions posed to me are as follows

    1) Tell me about yourself?

    (Ans: Be sure that you prepare for this question thoroughly since if you whisper in front of him, he may ask you that if you cant tell about yourself clearly. Thats an indication to him of your nervousness are poor communication skills)

    2) What are CORD rules? (Me: Pardon sir, please repeat the questions. Actually i don't know the answer, I thought I was over. I asked for a hint. He told normalization then I explained all the four rules 1nf, 2nf, 3nf, bcnf on a paper)think he is impressed with it.

    3) Diff b/w OOP n POP (told)

    4) Diff b/w XP, VISTA and Windows 7(told. Since I kept and my resume these as OS)

    5) Tell some OOP concepts nd their advantages( Inheritance-reusability, encapsulation, abstraction)

    6) What is your favourite CAR(I wrote and resume that I have passion for cars?my answer AUDI Q5)

    7) What do you know about AUDI(told that it?s a german blabla)

    OK Mukesh.

    8) What is the diff b/w OSI and TCP/IP model (told about grouping of layers)

    Watched at my achievements and asked me about papers I presented. He thoroughly checked all documents kept and my resume.

    9) Who is your role model? (told that its my dad since he me assists me and all activities.)

    10) Do you have any geographical constraints(no)

    OK Mukesh. I will promote you to next round. Prepare well all the best

    (a big smile on my face)

    He interviewed me for around 33 minutes. My assets in Technical round are my organizational skills.

    18th November, HR + MR round:

    Me: Good afternoon sir.
    HR: Good afternoon Mukesh have you are seat.
    (I was expecting tell me about yourself as 1st question but he asked.)
    You got less marks in Technical round, but how you cleared Technical round? (an unexpected question)

    Me: I don?t know about marks I scored sir, but I answered the questions confidently. (His actually my testing my confidence here, he might be expecting the same answer)

    HR: Tell me about yourself?
    Me: Told very well, including all my achievements and leadership qualities.

    HR: Good tell me about your family background?
    ME: Told that ma father is business man. He asked me about my fathers business, why don?t you join your dad business. I told my goal then.

    HR: Whats TCS Share value? (1060. 35-told)
    HR: Are you interested in stock Market?

    Me: Yes sir, told some thing about what I know about it including some biggy names.
    HR: Well Mukesh why TCS?

    Me: Told all the history, founder, chairman, VC, CEO, CFO, GLOBAL HR MD a big smile on his face.
    HR: Give me your file.

    Me: Gave verified all and asked about each.
    HR: Gave me a situation and asked to solve it (me: told)

    HR: TCS is not there in Vijayawada. Do you have any geo constraints?
    Me: No sir.

    HR: Who is present governor of A.P (after looking at a Indain red cross society certificate signed by governor)
    Me: Told E.S.L Narasimham.

    HR: Well Mukesh, I wanna see you on TCS. But final result will be based on your performance in all rounds. All the best!
    Me: Thank you very much sir. Have a nice day J

    My HR round was a cool one. It's a cake walk for me.

    But I was so nervous all the 3 days as my turn used to come at last.

    At last my long cherished goal to get into TCS has come true. Its largest software firm in Asia and having a large number of projects in hand now. Having largest man power and global footprint.

    All the best for all those preparing to TCS, be confident, wear smile on your face, trust yourself and faith on god.

    Note: Please go through your resume and company?s website and previous quarter results before going to attend interview.

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