TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   UIT-RGPV, Bhopal-22 Jan 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   UIT-RGPV, Bhopal-22 Jan 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello Friends !!!
    I am Prashant Somani pursuing BE in Information Technology from Thakral College of Technology, Bhopal . We had campus recruitment drive by TCS in UIT-RGPV, Bhopal . It was a pool campus and eight colleges from Bhopal participated in it.
    360 students from our college participated in the recruitment process 104 qualified the online test, 54 cleared the technical interview, 49 cleared the Management round & finally 45 cleared the HR round. I was one of them. It was one of the best days of my life.
    It was a four-day hectic schedule. On 22 January 2010, we gave the online test. Results came in the late evening. On 24 January 2010, we had the Technical & MR interview. On 25 January 2010, we had the HR interview & later that evening results were declared.
    Eligibility Criteria: The criteria is quite simple and most of the students fulfill it.

    • 60% or above in 10th, 12th & BE/B.Tech.
    • No pending or active backlogs.

    Selection Procedure: There will be four rounds but it might vary. The order is as given below but sometimes it might change like in our case we had MR interview after the technical interview & then HR round.

    • Online test
    • Technical interview
    • HR interview
    • Management round

    Online registration: As the first stage of the recruitment process, eligible students from college will have to register their information on the TCS portal to be able to participate in the TCS recruitment process.
    Eligible students have to upload their details on the TCS Campus portal, by following the instructions below.

    • Eligible students shall visit the link: to register.
    • The Login Type will be: Apply to TCS
    • The User ID will be: (Your College will provide it.)
    • Password would be: (Your College will provide it.)
    • Student registration will be open for only 2-3 days so please register yourself in time.
    • The year of passing of the final qualification should be 2010 (for students sitting in campus this year.)
    • Short-listing of the candidates for the TCS recruitment process would be done through the portal.
    • A unique reference id would be generated upon registration. The reference id would be required for any further communication with TCS.
    • The reference id is unique and multiple registrations are to be avoided.
    • The students shall provide the aggregate marks in all the academic qualifications.
    • For the current qualification, the percentage marks should be updated till the last semester for which results have been declared.
    • Students from Engineering should select B.E/ B.Tech as per there qualification.
    • Students of MCA should select for their Post Graduate Degree as MCA.
    • The information required is very critical and request all the students to be very careful while uploading the details

    Pre-Placement Talk: The TCS officials gave a presentation and told us about their company and services. Listen to this talk carefully. You will get the answers for?..Why one should join TCS ? What are the recent projects of TCS?....of course about salary and many more. You can ask genuine questions but do not ask anything stupid.
    Online Test Instructions: The instructions will be given by the TCS officials. Listen very carefully to the instructions. A silly mistake will prove very costly.

    • Open the internet explorer and type the address, given by TCS official, in the address bar.
    • The site opens and asks your login id and password. It will also be provided to you.
    • Once you login, you might get a page ?Sample Test?. Ignore it and click ?Go to main Test? on that same page. Now your test starts.
    • The test has three sections of 20 minutes, 40 minutes and 30 minutes. Test starts with section one.
    • On the right top corner, you will have a timer counting down and links to questions of that section. From the timer you can see the time left for that section and through the question links, you can move to any question within that section only.
    • The question links have 3 color codes-

          Red ? Not Visited
    Orange- Visited But not attempted
    Green- Attempted

    • There will be two buttons at the bottom of the page- Exit and Submit
    • After answering a question click the submit button to register your answer. You can always come back and change it within the stipulated time.
    • EXIT button takes you out of the section so click it only after you have attempted all questions of a section.
    • Once you get out of a section then you cannot go back to that section.
    • If you have finished all the questions of a section before the time is over & want to exit, you can always do that but remember your time will not be added in the next section so it is better to check your answers.
    • After you finish all three sections click EXIT. Do not close the main window without clicking EXIT!
    • In case of any problem during the test, call the TCS officials.

    Cracking the test: Keep few things in mind for the online test.

    • Remember time is very crucial and there is no negative marking.
    • For the verbal section don't waste much time on any question if you know it just do it, If not then also do it  and move to next.
    • Do not read the passage go to the questions directly. Find keyword in the passage answer the questions accordingly, remember first question of the passage will be from the starting paragraph and so on.
    • For the aptitude section just answer the common questions which you have memorized first, skip those questions which you have to solve there, after doing the common memorized questions return to skipped questions.
    • Do not leave any Questions unanswered.
    • Do not try to help your friend during the test if they caught you then you will be thrown out of the room.

    Test Pattern : The exam is an online one with three sections. There will be no sectional cutoff so attempt all the questions. The pattern is same as earlier but this time TCS has changed the questions in the aptitude section.
    Verbal section: 32 Questions ? 20 Minutes
    Everything in this section will be from Barron?s 12 Edition. If you are starting your preparation at the last moment then just go through the five model test papers given at the end of Barron?s believe me they are more then enough.

    • 10 Questions ? Antonym
    • 10 Questions ? Synonym
    • 6 Questions ? Passage
    • 6 Question ? Passage with blanks

    Aptitude section: 38 Questions ? 40 Minutes
    This time TCS has  changed this section a lot. In our case, there were around 15 sets and there is no chance that your neighbor will get the same paper. Out of 15, only two sets were from previous year papers remaining sets had only 3-6 questions from previous year?s papers. This time they had concentrated more on data sufficiency questions, I got nearly 14 questions only on DS.
    This section is divided in to two groups. The first one has 30 questions mainly questions on data sufficiency. The second section has eight questions on data interpretation. Two parts comprising of four questions each. One is a passage and the other is bar or pie chart or both. It is better to answer these questions first because they are easy compared to other ones and as the time is not sufficient for answering all the questions.
    I am giving a general idea of the topic wise questions asked in my paper. It might vary in your paper.

    • 1 Question ? Number System
    • 1 Question ? Time and Distance
    • 1 Question ? Odd one out
    • 1 Question ? Probability
    • 1 Question ? Set theory
    • 1 Question ? Time and Work
    • 1 Question - Function
    • 2 Questions ? Age
    • 2 Questions ? Partnership
    • 2 Questions ? General Aptitude
    • 3 Questions ? Profit & Loss
    • 8 Questions ? Data Interpretation
    • 14 Questions ? Data Sufficiency

    Reasoning section: 12 Questions ? 30 Minutes
    This is also another scoring section, time is more than sufficient. It consist of three passages with four questions each All the passages are always given  from  the five model test papers that are published in GRE Barron 12th edition. I recommend you to please solve them, so that it will be easy for you to attempt. Questions in my paper were:

    • Passage 1: Large and small university problem (4 Questions)
    • Passage 2: Electrician and plumber problem (4 Questions)
    • Passage 3: Arrangement of  players (4 Questions)

    Test Result: Online test result will be declared within an hour after the test. Once you clear the online test then there are three more steps to go. Most of the time interview is not on the same day & you will get time to relax and prepare for the interview. At the interview day, be ready with your folder having your resume, mark sheets & certificates.
    Interview Tips: Before going for the interview please, keep few things in mind.

    • Dress properly
    • Always have a smile on your face
    • Be confident and enthusiastic.
    • Never bluff. If you do not know something tell them politely.
    • Never ever argue with the interviewer
    • Always try to lead the interview.
    • Answers should be compact and relevant.
    • Never try to pretend. Be smart and honest.
    • Do not try to bluff the officials with fake mark sheets & certificates , if they caught you then you will be blacklisted from TCS for 3 years.
    • Do not write anything fake on your resume, they will definitely ask everything mentioned in your resume.
    • Conversation skills do matter for the HR & MR interview, for technical all you need is just give at least 60 % of the answers correct.
    • Be prepared with common questions like tell me about yourself, Why TCS etc but do not mug up others answer be genuine and give your own answers.
    • Please follow the interview etiquettes and try to avoid silly mistakes.
    • If they offer you something to eat/drink be generous & try to avoid only first time. If they insist you then take it.
    • Eye contact is very important. If there is more than one person in the interview panel then maintain equal eye contact with both of them even if the second person is not asking a single question.
    • Remember interview is a selection process not a rejection process. They had already rejected students in the online test. Now, they are looking for a reason to hire you.

    Technical Interview: This is the most crucial round of the recruitment process most of the students are rejected from this round only. Be prepared with your core subjects, training & project details. If possible then carry your project report with you. In technical interview you might be provided with some blank sheets to solve questions use that sheet carefully & write everything neatly, your sheets will be attached along with your resume & technical round assessment sheet for the next round.
    There were around 15 panels. I had my interview in panel No.01 having a sir and a madam. My interview last for about 45 minutes and questions were mainly technical. I cannot remember all the questions but I will try to write almost all the questions asked to me.
    I: May I come in sir
    Sir: Yes, com in.
    I: Good morning mam, good morning sir.
    (Always wish the mam first)
    Mam: Good morning
    Sir: Good morning
    Sir: Please have a seat.
    I: Thank you sir.
    (Do not sit until they ask you to sit)
    Sir: Are you excited ?
    I: Yes sir (I was smiling a bit.)
    Mam: Cool down, Cool down !!!
    (We all started laughing)
    Sir: Prashant can I see your folder.
    I: Sure sir (Gave the folder)
    (Both of them started looking my mark sheets & certificates. Remember they check each & every thing in the folder & ask questions on it. For the next half an hour they asked questions based on my resume & certificates.)
    Mam: Prashant tell us something about yourself.
    I: Said  about my birthplace, strength, interests & research work that I am doing in operating system.
    (After telling your name straight away come to your strength & interest. Do not speak about your family background unless they ask you, they have heard these stuff so many times that they will get bored if you say such thing again. Try to present something new & fresh. Do not speak more than 2-3 minutes.)
    Sir: Why your percentage is low in 12 standard ?
    I: (Explained)
    Sir: What is your career objective ?
    I: (Said that I would like to be a part of Tata research center in pune)
    Sir: So, algorithms that you are writing are new or modification of present algorithms ?
    I : Sir, two are new & two are modification of present algorithms.
    Sir: (Gave me a blank sheet) Can you write that four algorithms & explain to us ?
    I: Sure sir, (Wrote in brief about the four algorithms and explained.)
    Mam: Where will you use this algorithms ?
    I: Mam first two algorithms will be used for process scheduling, third will be used in disk scheduling & fourth in batch processing. (They were satisfied with my answer)
    Sir: How is it better from previous algorithms ?
    I : (Explained with example)
    Sir: What is Future knowledge algorithm?
    I: (Explained on the blank sheet with Gantt chart)
    Sir: What is disk Scheduling ?
    I: (Explained)
    Sir: What is page replacement ?
    I: (Explained on the blank sheet with diagram)
    Sir: What are page replacement algorithms, Explain any two ?
    I: (Explained on the blank sheet with diagram)
    Mam: What are design issues of operating system?
    I: (Explained)
    Mam: What are the functions of OS ?
    I: (Explained)
    Sir: What are the concepts Of OOPS ?
    I: (Explained)
    Sir: Explain inheritance with example?
    I: (Explained on the blank sheet with diagram)
    Mam: What is polymorphism?
    I: (Explained)
    Sir: What is the difference between C & C++ ?
    I: (Explained)
    Mam: Can you write a program for me in C++ ?
    I: Yes mam.
    Mam: Ok, can you write a program to take three numbers from user & give sum of the numbers ?
    I: Yes mam.
    Sir: That is very easy.
    I: (Smiled)
    Mam: But remember make the program as much efficient as you can ?
    I: Ok mam (In the meantime they were busy checking my folder.)
    Sir: (After 1 minute) are you done ?
    I: Yes sir. ( Made the program with only one for loop.)
    Mam: Are you sure its correct ?
    I: Yes mam.
    Sir: Its correct, very good.
    I: Thank you sir.
    Sir: Prashant, what is DMA ?
    I: (Explained)
    Sir: Can you write a program for DMA ?
    I: Yes sir.
    Sir: Ok then write it.
    I: (Made the program in VB because I was not sure of syntax in C/C++ & gave the sheet to sir.)
    Sir: So made it in VB, Why ?
    I: Yes sir, I am not sure of syntax in C/C++.
    Mam: (Started smiling) Ok, Explain it ?
    I: (Explained)
    Sir: So, you have done your minor training on Computer networks ?
    I: Yes sir.
    Sir: What is computer network ?
    I: (Explained , as my minor training was on the CN they ask questions on this.)
    Mam: What is the need of computer network ?
    I: (Explained)
    Sir: What is the difference between Ipv4 & Ipv6 ?
    I: (Explained on the blank sheet with diagram)
    Mam: What is difference between UDP & TCP ?
    I: (Explained)
    Sir: What is view ?
    I: (Explained)
    Mam: What is DDL ?
    I: (Explained)
    Mam: Give commands in DDL.
    I: (Gave the answer)
    Sir: What is DML ?
    I: (Explained)
    Sir: Give commands in DML.
    I: (Gave the answer)
    Sir: What is a tree ?
    I: (Explained)
    Sir: What is the difference between B-Tree & B+-Tree ?
    I: (Explained)
    Mam: What is SDLC ?
    I: (Explained)
    Sir: You have mentioned a project Flight Reservation System, Explain it ?
    I: (Explained)
    Sir/Madam: (Few more questions on the same project)
    I: (Gave all the answers)
    Sir/Madam: (Five question on my minor project)
    I: (Gave all the answers)
    Sir/Madam: (Six question on my major project)
    I: (Gave all the answers)
    Mam: You have mentioned only one subject in your resume, why ?
    I: (Explained the reason)
    Sir: Mam, Do you want to ask anything more ?
    Mam: No, sir.
    Sir: Ok Prashant, Interview is over you will get your result soon. You may leave now
    I: Thank you mam, Thank you sir. Have a good day. (Remember to wish them at the end & close the door when you come out.)
    After 6 hours results were announced & I was among the selected students.
    Note: If you clear the technical round you will be given a form to fill. Please consider following points before filling the form.

    • This is your start of becoming an employee of TCS.
    • Please fill the form very carefully.
    • Avoid silly mistakes, you will not be provided another form if you make the mistake.
    • Carry an extra passport size photograph, fevistick & a good quality ball pen. You will need all this things to fill the form.
    • This form is attached along with your assessment in technical round & your resume.
    • If you make a mistake while filling up the form then there is every possibility that you might be rejected in the next round.

    Management Round: This is a typical round in which all your managing skills will be tested. They will ask you some puzzles and they will give you some situations and test your skills. The question they ask are based on your previous answers. They will try to trap you, be careful do not change your answers frequently. Be confident on whatever you say.
    Officials in the management round are highly experienced. You should be prepared well in advance for this round, Browse through net for managerial questions and discuss with your friends for better answers. Questions in this round are also based on assessment sheet of the technical round.
    Your communication skill matters a lot in this round. If you are not fluent in English than do not try to speak fast, speak slowly & clearly. You will not be rejected unless you do some silly mistake. Do not bother if you do not know the answer. They are not expecting great answers from you.
    There were around 10 panels. I had my interview in panel No.07 having two HR. My interview last for about 35 minutes. I cannot remember all the questions but I will try to write almost all the questions asked to me.
    I: May I come in sir ?
    HR1: Yes
    I: Good evening sir, Good evening sir.
    (Remember to wish everyone individually)
    HR1/HR2: Good evening. Please have a seat.
    I: Thank you sir.
    HR1: How was your technical round ?
    I: It was good.
    HR2: Good or very good.
    I: It was good.
    HR1: Tell me something about yourself, which is not mentioned in the resume.
    I: (Answered)
    HR2: So, your native place is Jaipur ?
    I: Yes sir.
    HR2: Tell me something about Jaipur.
    I: (Answered)
    HR1: Are you opting for higher studies ?
    I: No sir,
    HR2: Why ?
    I: (Answered)
    HR2: What are your strength ?
    I: (Answered)
    HR1: Do you think you are a hard worker ?
    I: Sir, I think I am a smart worker. (All started smiling)
    HR1: You want to join TRDDC, What if you will not get a chance to work in TRDDC ?
    I: (Answered)
    HR2: What if we will send you to Australia ?
    I: (Answered)
    HR1: But presently Indians are attacked in Australia ?
    I: (Answered)
    HR2: Will your parents allow you to go to Australia ?
    I: (Answered)
    HR1: What if we send you to china ?
    I: (Answered)
    HR2: You might face food problem..
    I: (Answered)
    HR1: Will your parents go with you to china ?
    I: (Answered)
    HR1: Tell us reasons why we should select you ?
    I: (Answered)
    HR2: Where do you see yourself after 5-10 years ?
    I: (Answered)
    HR1: What are your short-term goals ?
    I: (Answered)
    HR1: Suppose your wife is in the same company & she is send to US for 3-year project & you are already committed for the 7-year project in India than how will you manage ?
    I: (Answered)
    HR2: Will you ask her to leave the job ?
    I: (Answered)
    HR1: Will you leave the job ?
    I: (Answered, Next few questions are based on my answers. They are just trying to trap me. However, I was giving each answer with a smile & confidence on my face.)
    HR2: Suppose you have to go somewhere, which option will you choose for traveling a bullock cart, train or taxi. Give a reason for your answer ?
    I: (Answered)
    HR1: So you are very good at quiz ? (It was mentioned in my resume)
    I: Yes sir
    HR2: Tell us about the latest advancement in the computer technology ?
    I: (Answered, after this answer they were highly impressed)
    HR1: Very good.
    I: Thank you sir
    HR1: Can you manage in south India ?
    I: Yes sir.
    HR2: Is job relocation a problem for you ?
    I: (Answered)
    HR1: Are you comfortable with two-year service agreement ?
    I: Yes sir.
    HR2: Would you like to ask any question ?
    I: Sure sir
    HR1: Ask !!
    I: Asked about the TCS ?MAITRI?(Please do not ask the question like, what TCS expect from us ?, what we should do before joining ? These are obvious questions & they are bored of listening these questions again & again.)
    HR1: Explained for about 5 minutes.
    I: Thank you sir
    HR2: Is there anything else you would like to ask ?
    I: No sir.
    HR1: Your interview is over, you will get your result very soon.
    I: Thank you sir (Wished both of them & went outside the room)
    After half an hour results were announced I was among the selected students.
    HR round: This is the last phase of recruitment process. Here they will test your communication skill and English proficiency. General HR questions available on internet will be sufficient. This round questions are based on assessment done in previous round. This is the easiest round. This round is just a formality, you are already selected & you will not be rejected unless you do some blunder.
    My interview in this round last for about 10-15 minutes. I cannot remember all the questions but I will try to write almost all the questions asked to me. Remember question for you?ll be different, all that you need is attitude & smiling face.
    I: May I come in sir ?
    HR: Yes
    I: Good afternoon sir.
    HR: Good afternoon
    I: May I have a seat sir.
    HR: Yeah, sure.
    I: Thank you sir.
    HR: How are you feeling ?
    I: Fine sir, Thank you.
    HR: So Prashant, you are very eager to join IT company ?
    I: Yes Sir.
    HR: What if you will not get the chance to work for TRDDC ?
    I: May be not today, but may be after 10 years I will get chance.
    HR: No, Previously there are cases that 15 years experienced person were rejected for TRDDC, Then ?
    I: (Answered)
    HR: What do you expect from the TCS ?
    I: (Answered)
    HR: What are the two things you want to remove from the world ?
    I: Poverty & terrorism
    HR: Do you have any solution for the problem?
    I: Yes sir.
    HR: Explain ?
    I: (Explained)
    HR: Suppose after two minutes world will destroyed, what will you do in these two minutes ?
    I: (Answered)
    HR: Do you have any question ?
    I: Yes sir.
    HR: Ask.
    I: (Asked)
    HR:(Answered) anything else ?
    I: No sir, Thank you.
    HR: All the best for your result.
    I: Thank you sir. Have a nice day.
    (Left the room)
     After four hours results were announced out of 49 students who cleared the MR interview 45 were selected. I was one of them.
    I have tried to provide you every possible detail which you might need for the TCS campus recruitment process but if anything is missing or if you need any help then you can mail me at or feel free to call me on 9424420101, I?ll be ready to assist you. Please don?t forget to write your comments about the paper.
    See you at TCS. All the best.
    Prashant Somani
    Thakral College of Technology

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