TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Thakur Coll Of Engg,mumbai-19 Aug 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Thakur Coll Of Engg,mumbai-19 Aug 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello Friends, this is Vipul from Terna engg college, Mumbai
    I got selected in TCS on 19th Aug 2010.

    The selection procedure consisted of aptitute test followed by tech, MR and HR interviews.

    It was an off-campus recruitment held at Thakur college of engg(Mumbai).
    The aptitude test was pretty easy with 35questions to solve within a time span of 1hour. It had a negative marking of .33mks/wrong ans so be careful and don't guess  unnecessarily.

    Students who cleared aptitude where called for interview at TCS campus for the further rounds.
    My tech interview:
    Sir: Tell me sumthing abt urself
    Me: Told
    Sir : tell me how a group by clause works
    Sir: what is da difference betn C and C++
    Me : i explained all the oops concepts with eg of polymorphism n he ws impressed
    Sir : what do u no abt process sheduling
    Me : xplnd round robin,priority,etc..
    Sir :what is virtual mem?
    Me :explained
    Sir :diff betn dbms n rdbms
    This was the only answer which i wasn't sure.
    Sir : wht happens when i type a url in the browser?tell me the complete steps..
    Me : i explained abt DNS resolver,http,tcp/ip,etc n he ws impressed...
    Then he asked me sum q's abt my project and SDLC which i explained confidently....
    later he told ur interview ws pretty nice n u r selected 4 da next round...

    My next turn came after 5hrs of waiting.
    in MR round there was a guy around 30 and was busy screening resumes of other candidates. He told me to sit and asked
    Tell me something about yourself?
    Why TCS?
    Do you consider yourself sucessful?
    Have u organized sumthing in ur col days?
    Why should v hire u?
    Why do you want 2 leave your current organization and join TCS?
    Any quesiton do u have?
    I answer these question pretty confidently, he told you will most probably have a HR round in sometime.

    The HR round was just a formality and he just told me the conditions of joining, bond and all.
    He asked me whether i will  have any problem and relocating and in leaving the current organizaiton where i'm working?
    I said not at all.

    At around 10pm get offer letters. The job offer they gave us was off computer consultancy.

    Just belive in yourself and belive in god. Don't be upset if your not getting placed inspite of trying for many companies just keep trying.
    Best of luck

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