TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Techno-India, Hooghly, Kolkata-30 Dec 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Techno-India, Hooghly, Kolkata-30 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I am Nanigopal Datta from Burdwan (West Bengal). I am pursuing MCA from Techno_India, Hooghly (2011 passout batch). TCS conducted placements in Techno-India, Saltlake in 27-12-2010. Every colleges under Techno-India Group have participated in this campussing.
    There was two Rounds:
    1. Online aptitude Test
    2. Interview-Technical & HR (Both in one round)
    But there was a condition. That is every top Five students of each stream of each college need not seat in online apttude test. They will go to the direct interview round. Besides it if you have 75% marks through out your career (for B.Tech Students) then you also need not seat aptitude test. There was total 2500-3000 students appeared for TCS. I don't know the exact figure. But after eleminating 2000 students appeared for interview. From there 1500+ students got job finally.
    As I was from top five students of our college(MCA) I was appeared directly to the interview. Interview was very easy and only in one round. 50+ pannels were there. I want to share my interview experince with you. My interview was on 30.12.2010 and result was declared next day ie on 31.12.2010. It will be my most memorable day of life.
    Me: May I come in sir.

    Int: Yes come in

    Me: I said thank you sir
    Int: Please be seated
    Me:Thank you sir
    Int: What do you do today?
    Me: Wake up in the morning and after getting fresh I just brush up my technical skills within one hour
    Int: What? you completed all the technical skills within only one hour?
    Me: No sir. It's impossible to read all the things in one hour. I just read the basic things.
    Int: Ok ok now tell me why do you want to join TCS?
    Me: Bla bla bla... told some points. At last I told that tata always take care it's employee. They saw that for that reason tata nano project a had gone from singur (w.b) to Gujrat.
    Int: But there is no relation between tata motors and TCS
    Me: It's okay but both belongs to tata group. So if TATA motor take care it's employees the TCS also take care it's employees.
    Int: Okay. Do you know how many TATA companies are in market?
    Me: I don't know the exact figure. But there are many TATA companies I know
    Int: Now tell me 6 names
    Me: Told
    Int: (After noticing the CV) you know C and Java right?
    Me: Yes sir
    Int: What is thread?
    Me: Told
    Int: How can we declare that?
    Me: I told only one process
    Int: What is the other procedure?
    Me: I don't know sir
    Int: Okay what is method overloading and method overridding?
    Me: Told
    Int: What is inheritence?
    Me: Told
    Int: How can we stop inheritence?
    Me: By using friend keyword
    Int: How do we handel exception?
    Me: Told
    Int: How can we handel exception without using catch and finally block?
    Me: Sorry I don't know sir
    Int: Okay. You also know dbms na?
    Me: Yes sir
    Int: What is primary key & foreighn key?
    Me: Told
    Int: What is rdbms?
    Me: Told
    Int: Your hobbies are fishing and reading news paper na
    Me: Yes sir.
    Int: Do you read newspaper today?
    Me: No sir
    Int: Why?
    Me: I didn't get time to read newspaper today.
    Int: Did you read yesterday?
    Me: Yes sir.
    Int: What was the main news in the cover page?
    Me: Sir letter writting debate between central goverment minister Mr.P. Chidambaram to westbengal cheif minister Mr. Budgadeb Bhattachariya.
    Int: Ok good. Thank you
    And handshake with me
    Me: It's my pleasure to meet you sir

    Some suggetions:
    * Be positive
    * Think positive
    * Try to be cool
    * Don't get nervous
    Alaways  keep it mind that you know better than others. Keep smiling in face. Maintain eye contact to the interviewer.

    Keep watching

    Thank you.
    See you at TCS!

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