TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Techno India College Of Technology, Rajarhat-02 Jan 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Techno India College Of Technology, Rajarhat-02 Jan 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello friends! I am Ankur Paul from Asansol Engineering College.

    It?s a great experience in sharing the experience of Campus Recruitment Drive.

    The aptitude test  was held on 2nd January,2010 at Techno India College of Technology, Rajarhat. The interview was on 8th January,2010 at Techno India, Saltlake. I came to know about my selection on 16th January,2010. It was feeling like being in heaven then.


    Let me now share the experience with you.

    We were told to report at TICT at 9:00 am.

    After that we were given the form by TCS.

    Be very careful in filling the form. Carry whatever necessary documents you need.


    There was a pre-placement talk held then. It was of an hour or so. Take good care in paying attention to the pre-placement talk and note down the important points. You might be asked questions about various aspects of TCS during the interview. Take a look at the TCS site before coming to the drive.


    The selection criteria  was  60%  in Xth, XIIth and B.Tech.


    The TCS recruitment drive consists of 2 rounds:


    1. Online Aptitude Test

    2. Personal Interview


    No. of students appeared: around 250

    No. of students who cleared the aptitude: around 160

    No. of students selected finally : 52


    Online Aptitude Test

    The test was of 90  minutes. There?s no negative marking.

    1. Verbal Reasoning (32 questions,20 minutes)

                10 Antonyms, 10 Synonyms, 12 questions based on 2 unseen passages.

                Go through GRE Barrons (12th edition).The antonyms and synonyms are really tough. Try to go through the most frequently used antonyms and synonyms in the test papers of Barrons. Don?t simply mug them up. Try to understand the meaning referring the dictionary. If you mug up, you might know the synonym, but you might be asked in antonym, and you will be in a trap. I myself studied Barrons for just a night. I got just 1 antonym common, but many words I got were familiar, because I went through the meanings.

                As far as the passages are concerned, attempt them at the end. They are time consuming.    


    2. Quantitative  Reasoning ( 38 questions , 40 minutes )

                This section is quite easy. Just keep your brain cool and go for a good time management. I am sorry that I don?t remember the questions exactly now as I?m writing after a long time (22nd February, 2010).


    3. Verbal Reasoning (12 questions, 30 minutes)

                This section consists of 3 passages. There are 4 reasoning questions asked for each passage. 2 of the passages are really easy. I?ll suggest that you draw venn-diagram, table, tree, graph (according to the requirement of the question) for solving the problems. Go through some examples in Barrons. It?ll give you an idea about the type of question being asked.

    The whole process of the aptitude test, declaration of the results and submission of CVs ended at 10:00pm.


    Personal Interview

                Now let me share my share my experience of the personal interview. The personal interview was held on 8th January, 2010 at Techno India College, Saltlake.

                The technical and HR rounds was not separate. Technical as well as HR questions were asked in the interview. The reporting time given was 9:00am. My interview started at 11:15am and ended at 11:30am.

                There were 2 people interviewing me, madam and a sir. I took permission and entered into the room.

    Me: Good morning mam, good morning sir!

    HR: Good morning Ankur, please be seated.

    Me: Thank you, sir!

             (Sat down and forwarded my file.)

    HR: Ankur, tell us a joke.

    Me: (stunned? silent...speechless..) just gave a smile

    HR: You may use any other language.

    Me: (smiling) Sir, a joke now itself?

    HR: (smiling) I know it?s very difficult.

             OK Ankur, tell me about yourself.

    Me: Told.

    HR: What are the papers that you have studied in your last semester?

    Me: Financial Management, Language Processor, Artificial Intelligence, Web Technology

    and VB, Distributed Database

    HR: So, you have studied VB.

    Me: Yes, sir.

    HR: What the programs you have written in VB?

    Me: Simple programs like, program to determine if a number is prime, Armstrong or not,

    string handling programs, programs of database connectivity.

    HR: Write down the program to determine if a number is prime or not. (forwarded a paper)

    Me: Written.

    HR: What are the databases you have connected to?

    Me: Oracle, MS-Access

    HR: How will you connect database in VB?

    Me: Using ADODC control.

    HR: I do not know that. Please explain.

    Me: Explained.

    HR: How will you connect database in a java program?

    Me: Using JDBC connectivity.

    HR: Explain the code.

    Me: Explained.

    HR: What is distributed database?

    Me: Answered.

    HR: What are the advantages of distributed database over centralized database & vice- versa?

    Me: Told.

    HR: Do you know who the CEO of TCS is?

    Me: Mr. N. Chandrasekharan. 

    HR: Who was the previous CEO?

    Me: Mr. Ramadurai.

    HR: Why do you want to join TCS?

    Me: Hard work is acclaimed in TCS. The very best example of this is the fact that Mr. N.

    Chandrasekharan, who had joined TCS as a trainee is the CEO of TCS today due to his hard work. Also TATA takes great care of its employees. For the Nano project TATA kept crores of property in Singur at stake and moved to Gujarat just for the safety of its employees. And the best option for me to get associated with TATA is to join TCS.  

    HR: Ankur, you have mentioned in your CV that you have got 2nd prize in ?Essay writing

    competition? in your school? What was the topic?

    Me: Love Marriage vs. Arranged Marriage

    HR: So, what did you write in favour of?

    Me: Arranged Marriage

    HR: Why?

    Me: Most of the love marriages are results of young, immature love which arises due to

    infatuation and soon saturates. Hence, there are more number of divorce cases in love marriages than in arranged marriages.

    HR: How can you assure the fact that there are no divorces in case of arranged marriages?

    Me: No mam, there are divorces in case of arranged marriages too, but the number is less

    than that in case of love marriages. But if we have mutual understanding between us, a mind to sacrifice, compromise and support each other, I don?t think there will be any case of divorce.

    HR: Ankur, what was your rank the Joint Entrance examination?

    Me: 10592.

    HR: You have so good marks in XIIth. Why was your rank so poor then?

    Me: Sir, I concentrated more on my Board Examination. Therefore I couldn?t fare well in the

    Joint Examination.

    HR: Oh, you do not have drops.

    Me: No, sir, I do not have drops.

    HR: Ankur, you have very good academics. Won?t you go for higher studies?

    Me: I may go for.

    HR: Are you aware of the fact that you?ll have to work for 2 years if you join TCS?

    Me: Yes mam.

    HR: Are you aware of the BGC process that you need to clear before you join TCS?

    Me: Mam, may I please know what BGC stands for?

    HR: Background Checking.

    Me: Yes mam.

    HR: Ankur, you are from Jalpaiguri, i.e., North Bengal.

    Me: Yes mam.

    HR: What are the languages that you know other than your mother tongue and English?

    Me: Hindi.

    HR: Have you been to any other state West Bengal?

    Me: Yes, mam. In fact, I have spent most of my life span outside West Bengal. My father is

    an electrical engineer. His is a transferrable job and I have stayed in states like UP, Bihar, Jharkhand.

    HR: Do you have any problem in relocation?

    Me: No, mam.

    HR: What if you we locate you n Chennai?

    Me: No problem, mam. I will love to go there.

    HR: OK, Ankur. Thank you so much.

    Me: Thank you, mam. Thank you, sir.


                The only suggestion that I would to like to give you?ll is that keep yourself cool. The HRs are very gentle and polite, they talk to you in such a way that even if you are tensed at the beginning they make you feel so homely that you won?t feel the pressure at all. Do not panic else you?ll destroy your performance.





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