TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   TCS, Pune-13 Feb 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   TCS, Pune-13 Feb 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi friends.. I'm Pravin.. I had appeared for TCS open campus selection procedures yesterday (13/02/10) at TCS, Pune.. and now I am a TCSian!

    TCS has the same pattern as described by the students who got selected in TCS..

    Aptitude pattern:

    1. 10 synonyms.. 10 antonyms and 10 comprhension based questions
    In the comprehension part I had two comprehensions; 5 questions for each..
    The comprehension part was not declared seperate. So I had no idea that after the 20th
    antonym question the 21st would be a comprehension one! And as soon as you login to the
    software, the timer starts.. so dun waste time wondering whether to start answering or not!

    2. The second part is quants... Do your quants well... Understand while you read.. Take a
    careful look at the figures in the problem statement.. They might be multiples,
    summations, etc of each other... Look at the options... Practice solving by using options...
    Don't jump to the most obvious looking answer!! If you cannot think of an approach to a problem, I suggest you move on... Solve the next... Come back to this one later.. Attempt all problems.. There was no negative marking for us(confirm this first. lolzz).. And the last and most important suggestion that I'd like to give is use

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE - ARUN SHARMA'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Critical Reasoning... Use GRE-Barron's 12th edition.. understand the nature of the problems
    They are not challenging... Once you have practice, nothing can stop you from scoring here.
    For me, this was the easiest part..

    Technical Interview:
    They just ask you basic questions on the subjects.. Very Very Basic.. And they are very friendly!!!! Don't worry... Keep your cool.. I was asked around 25 questions. OS, CN, C++, C, operator overloading, projects, process state transition diagram, very basic...

    MR round:
    Your aptitude marks, previous interview marks and your used rough sheets and your resume are carried forward to the next interview... So if get a good start, its advantageous.. Do well in your Technical interview.. In this one, you just hav to be yourself!!

    HR round:
    You are almost through.. Now is the time to sell yourself... Put your strong points forward... The interviewers are very jolly people... Be the part of the fun... They judge you on your answers... Just think for a while before answering a question... And all will be fine!

    173 students had appeared.. 12 cleared the aptitude and 9 were selected..

    Trust me, the only person who can help you get through is YOU!!! Help yourselves!

    Just as a passing thought, I'l give you my answer for 'why TCS?'.. It might help you!

    Interviewer: So why TCS?
    Pravin: (The person who gave us the PPT had been working in TCS for 15 years and he had made the presentation slides himself) Sir, I have 3 reasons..

    1. In Mr. XYZ (the man who gave the PPT), who has been working with TCS for the past 15 years, I see a man, completely satisfied with his job... He has taken pains to make the slides himself and every statement that he made during his PPT had pride for the company in it!

    2. TCS is to India, what a child is to its parents... TCS is giving back what is received.. (TCS gives back 2/3rd of its revenue of $70Bn back to the society!)

    3. TCS is India's biggest software exporter by revenue.. TCS is one of the best.. And why will I not want to be on the best team?

    I never got a chance to use this answer... But it doesn't matter now!

    All the best for your preparation.. Prepare well... coz 'Success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity' - Darayl Royal

    TATA... see you at TCS!

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