TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SRMCEM LKO.-21 Aug 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SRMCEM LKO.-21 Aug 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello Friends,

    I am Chandresh Mishra, I am a ECE student from N.I.E.C LKO, 2010 BATCH. I was selected in the off-campus drive of TCS on 21 August 2010 at SRMCEM LKO.

    There were 4 rounds.

    1.    Online Written test

    2.    Technical interview

    3.    HR round

    4.    MR round

    Written Test:
    The paper was online. It consists of 35 questions in 1 hour. TCS has opted a new pattern for the written test. There were no verbal questions, all were quantitative aptitude questions. The questions were lengthy 6-7 lines. But upper lines consist of irrelevant data, only last few lines consist of important data required for solving the question. There was negative marking for each incorrect question and calculator was allowed.
    For preparation you can refer quantitative aptitude by R.S. AGGARWAL.
    Chapters( Probability, Problems on Ages, Pipes and Cisterns, Ratio and Proportion some logical questions, blood relations, percentages, profit-loss, area, direction sense, average, numbers, time & work ,time & distance, prob on train, boat & stream ,allegation & mixture, simple interest)
    Tips to crack written test:
    1.    Be cool, don?t get irritated to see long questions or if you are unable to solve any question.
    2.    Skip the question if you are unable to solve it in 10-12 section. you can come back to that question at the end.
    3.    If you have not sufficient time, first read the last line of the question, if it is numerical based, then read only numerical data, leave first few lines.
    4.    Don?t make guesses.

     Result declared after 30-40 mins, after that there was interview of selected student. There were many panels for taking interview.

    Technical interview:
    There was panel of two members.
    I: good afternoon sir
    Ti: good afternoon & take ur seat
    I: thank u sir
    Ti: how r u?
    I: fine sir.
    Ti: how r u feeling?
    I: I am very happy, because I get the chance to sit in front of you.
    Ti: Being an EC student, why do you want to join software?
    I: sir growth in IT sector is more than that of the other sectors & one can build his carrier faster and I like programming & I got highest marks in computer science in inter.
    Ti: which is ur favorite sub?
    I: basic electronics
    Ti: do u know any language?
    I: sir c++.
    Ti: what is difference bet. While & do while.
    I: answered.
    Ti: can u write a prog to print no. from 1-10 using while.
    I: I wrote the prog.
    Ti: he added a continue statement to my prog. & asked what will be output.
    I: I tried to think but I don?t know about this statement then I said, sir this statement is clear to me .so, I am unable to answer.
    Ti: do u know break?
    I: yes sir.
    Ti: he replaced continue by break.
    I: then I answered.
    Ti: do u know bubble sort, selection sort.
    I: sir I had read that but I am unable to recall it know.
    Ti: can u rev the array?
    I: wrote the prog.
    Ti: he said to the lady sitting with him, do u want to ask anything?
    Ti: she asked me, do u see TV?
    I: not much.
    Ti: do u read newspaper?
    I: Yes mam.
    Ti: why sensex goes up & down?
    I: sorry mam I don?t know. I read only first & last page of newspaper.
    Ti: which is the latest news these days?
    I: mam common wealth games.
    Ti: what is going there?
    I: There is delay in the prep.
    Ti: who is the main person in this news?
    I: I tried to recall but I was unable. Sorry mam I read that news but I am unable to recall it now.
    Ti: then it is worthless.
    I: mam I have not read the newspaper from last 2 days becoz I am prep for the TCS.
    Ti: ok. thank you, you can go now.
    I cleared the TI & called for the HR.
    Question asked by HR:
     i.     What r u doing these days?
     ii.    Why do u want to join software?

     iii.   Why did u not opt CS if u wanted to go in software?

     iv. What things do u not like?

     v.    Which is the challenging condition in ur life?

     vi.    Some question related to geography b.coz I had said that I don?t geo ,history & non technical sub

    I cleared the HR too & called for the MR. It was the tuffest round for me b.coz MR had used its pressuring techniques in this round.
    Question asked by MR:

      i.       What is the meaning of ur name?

      ii.      Question related to GS & geography

      iii.     What ur father do ?

      iv.    Ur uptu rank?

     v.     Why it is not so good?

     vi.     About family members

     vii.    Will u take the challenge to prepare for 6 months & attend the TCS next drive?

    I got the result after 13 days through email & I am selected.
    Finally best of luck.
    I hope we will meet in TCS.


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