TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SRM University-03 Jul 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SRM University-03 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi people,
    I attented the apititude test conducted by TCS in our college on 3rd of july.actually there was a pre placement talk.. the ppt was awesome.. and then we had the online test.. there were three section..
    1. verbal (20 minutes)
    2.quantitative(40 minutes)
    3.critical resoning(30 minutes)

    each one was given a unique login Id. take care that u remember ur own Id. There were situatons where people wrote in some other person's Id and failed.. If u attend the exam in some other person's Id the marks go to that person only.. so take care..

    verbal was tough.. It had 10 synonyms,10 antonyms and 3 paragraphs which contained blanks which need to be filled with the options.. all had to be done in 20 minutes

    quantitative was easy.. this was for 40 minutes. most of the questions were repeated from previous question papers.
    go through all and remember the method to solve them. the questions were of same type with data changed.

    critical reasoning was tough.for 30 minutes I had only three questions.each had one paragraph and 4 to 5 questions to was fully from GRE barron's 12th edition.I have attached the full book. please take print of all model test papers(1 to 5)mark the answers and read it or mug it ..the questions came to me were exactly from the book. nothing ws changed. not even the options.

    then if selected it appeared on the screen itself.there was no physometery test. there was no upper cut off
    we were given a form and had to come for the interview along with it. the interview was ok.we had technical and HR combined.

    prepare for the questions like, tell us about urself, why do you want to join TCS,If we reject you now wat would you do,be prepared for any question raised from ur resume..they can ask anything possible..
    they asked questions from software engineering ,C++,java as I am from computer science stream

    it was very friendly.. don't be tensed.even if ur nervous don't show it. they asked so many questions i tried answering them all .they check how your able to manage when you don't know the answer of a don't keep smiling if u don't know the answer.. try answering somehting related or say u can't recollect..

    the results were announced the next day and from my college they selected 546.. I was one among them..

    hope its useful to you.
    all the best.. See you in tcs

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