TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SRI RAM Engineering College,Chennai-28 Aug 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SRI RAM Engineering College,Chennai-28 Aug 2010

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello Buddies,
    I am Avinash Raj from LAKIREDDY BALIREDDY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, Mylavaram, completed Btech in the stream of IT, selected for TCS in Sri ram engineering college, Chennai. On 28th i have attented TCS written test
    and cleared that Question were really challenging.

    Its TouchStone 35question- 1hour pattern.(0.33 per question -ve mark)

    The question looks very big, nearly 10 lines. Friends don't waste much time to read entire question, just emphasize on last lines, you will get answer from the last lines it self.

    Actually i think  only writtn test on 28th, So i went in a casual wear(T-shirt and Jean).
    After clearing the written test, they told that the next rounds will be after 5min
    OOpssss i donno what to do how can i go to the interview panel with this dress? Its a BIG question for me
    Finally i entered interview panel with that dress only
    Interviewer: Hve u came to interview or anywhere else?
    me: told reason...
    Interviewer:dont repeat this
    me: ok
    Interviewer:Tell me abt ur self?
    me: blah  blah blah
    Interviewer:write the structure of an INSERT command.
    me: wrote.
    This is 2 to 1 interview panel.
    They posed many questions on me and this went on nearly 30 min and they asked me to wait outside
    So, after nearly 15min results were announced by HR
    He called my name Hurray then it sounds for me the happiest man in the world
    they gave temperory Offer Letter and intimated that all other formalities will get to me by mail thats it from me
    Hope meet you at TCS  Avi

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