TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SKIT, Jaipur-23 Oct 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SKIT, Jaipur-23 Oct 2010

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    On 23rd Oct 2010, TCS have its off-campus drive in SKIT, Jaipur a lot of ppl are there. Around 3000 the first round is aptitude and what i saw is the person clearing aptitude clear whole through. Aptitude is online 35 questions in 60min. No verbal false in question itself there is verbal lot lot lot of irrelevant deatils an including.

    Figures like Ramesh is twice as Suresh and his father is for times the youngest son. Suresh runs 3kms in 1 hour and Ramesh run at sapme speed for 2kms what is his time taken. Only last line have question and all other detail is irrelevant.
    MY advice are as
    1. Througly go through the previous papres of TCS with 35 questions. Don't mug up answers get the very easy logic in.
    Each type of question.
    2. Accuracy is what TCS see while declaring aptitude result don't make guess. If you have done 16,17,18+ fine no need to attempt the question having 1% doubt belive me no cut off only accuracy yes you have to attempt at least 15. My system show some error while 15 mins is left at that time i'm dam sure that my 19 question are right but when the ppr resume after 20min. My ppr automatically over invigilator told me either to attempt again or submit it what it was. I just submit them
    Because my 19 are right out of 19.
    3. What i observe is that don't mug up with buks R.S Aggarwal etc. Just go through the previous ppr you can see most questions there repeated with modifications in figure but same logic.
    4. After aptitude around 300 is shortlisted then we have to appear for Tech+MR then HR. What you need is to have all the matter on ur tips which is on your CV they ask just frm them. HR is same with same questions.

    I just prepare aptitude and only from previous pprs you need to give around 8 hours. Clear the aptitude and 95% problem solved.
    Don't make guess.
    Final result declared and i'm in.
    All the best. If you follow these points surely you will be in questions same just name figure changes. Logic is same.

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