TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SJBIT College Bangalore.-22 Aug 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SJBIT College Bangalore.-22 Aug 2010

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    Hi, I am the one of the TCSIAN just had an ticket(placed) for TCS Company. I am 2010 computers background passout. First i want to tell about my written/interview process. I had written on off-campus 21 August 2010 in sjbit College bangalore and next day Technical HR and GD HR.

    For Aptitude:
    There are totally 35questions/60 mins. You have to score 20-28. Make that you have corrected to 23 atleast that's it. For sample questions please follow this website. Be fast be accurate. Nothing to worry just fastness in your calculation will get through the written exam. Weakpoint in that is all questions are same but data is changed. I am sorry i didn't remember the questions sorry for that. Be carefull there will be some fake questions don't try to answer them please be carefull. Just be prepare the examples in the Quantitative  R.S Aggarwal. Just follow the It will help you alot. Really it helped me alot thanks to At last you have to give the feedback for that example please enter 80-100 if your are confident & normally 60-80% is safe thats it.
    You should know the complete corporate profile of TCS this will help alot in interview and it will give a small drop of confidence in interview.

    Technical HR:
    Please make note that you had all the questions which are going to face int interview. Please prepare before going to exam. You should have an perfect answer for Tell me about yourself . For that just go for youtube and search for this and prepare well and strengths and weakness. Please just be genuinue and follow the 3C rule
    Mainly your hobbies you should be frank in this. My interview is like.
    [Major Elimination]
    Me: Hello Sir.
    TechHR: Hello.
    Me: Good Morning Sir
    TechHR: Same
    [I am looking to seat down while he was writing a feedback of prevous girl. Guys don't do this.]
    TechHR: Ok seat down
    Me: Thank you sir
    TechHR: Well you are.
    Me: Yes sir
    TechHR: Your Handwritng is beautifull.
    Me: Sir to be frank it is my weakness.
    TechHr: Why
    Me: Really that make me a less marks in my semesters
    TechHR: No
    Me: My Faculty said that.
    TechHR: Go and tell to your faculty that Deelip had said that my hand writng is perfect.
    Me: Ok sir
    TechHR: Write a program to sort the array?
    Me:[I had waited for this] then i had give a paper to write he offered me pen then i said no, thanks i had sir. Then i writen whole program in C for full one paper .
    TechHR: Hey whats this such large program.
    Me: Sir I have delivered what i know in that paper, about that program so that you should not get any doubts regarding what i have written.

    TechHR: Very good
    Me: Thank you sir
    TechHR: Then Write down the same prog in JAVA
    Me: Within 2 min i had submited.
    TechHR: Good
    TechHR: Tell  me about yourself.
    Me: alsdk;laksd;lkas;kld;laskd;laskd;lksd;lkas;lkdkl;askd;Ok
    [Guys be you must prepare for this]
    TechHR: Ok
    TechHR: WHY TCS?
    Me: Big company, major S/W exporter of India. This are not the reasons only because of N. Chandrasekaran.
    TechHR: [Shocked] Why
    Me: He also like me when he was joined TCS as a entry level trainee and now He emerged as a CEO of TCS within 16years. From this i came to know that TCS is the best place to grow .
    TechHR: Then you will be CEO after 16years.
    Me: Yes sir i Will be.
    TechHR: Surprised. Thats the spirit.
    TechHR: Ok, what do you know about CEO.
    Me: I have told for 1 min and said thats it sir.
    TechHR: Thats it 
    Me: I scaned from wikipedia sir thats what i know sir
    TechHR: OK
    TechHR: He scanned my resume and said my resume is pretty and asked about my hobbies i mentioned PC Games, then he asked suddenly have you played halo.
    Me: Yes sir in 2nd year only i had completed.
    TechHR: What is your Favourite Games? [ This question i felt lite about the HR]
    Me: Crysis, Assassins creed, Gears of war, Call of duty, resident, Evil, Devil may cry, Tom raider. [I had never stoped answering the question]
    TechHR: [Suddenly] In TCS also you will play?
    Me:[ Shocked] No NO it is my out of work thats why it is my hobby.
    TechHR: Tell about cloud computing[ I mentioned in resume]
    Me: I explained with an example
    TechHR: Ok[Impressed]
    [Guys all above questions asked to test only your cofidence only not your program written. Maintain a smile in your face.]
    TechHR:Ok you have any questions.
    Me: Asked one[ Guys please keep one question in mind that to a reasonable questions]
    TechHR: [With smile] Ok you can go
    Me: Thank sir.
    Thats it my Technical HR
    Next immediatly i was called to GD HR. 

    A round table of 20 members HR was lady she had given a Topic.

    Selection round:
    GD HR
    HR given a topic which i didn't know what to speak about it one member gave a introduction and i collected 4 points in my mind and said. There is fighting our GD.
    TIP: Speak sharp points atleast 4 and this should be unique and fruitfull. Why because with my points HR get impressed and obeyed my points and gave her point of view also.

    HR gave istrutions abt trainng abt location.
    These are what make me a TCSIAN.
    Guys be confident in interview and fastness in written. If you don't know anything learn now. Don't depend on others.

    TCS is the best place to freshers. 

    Help others by sharing.

    I hope this words may help you.
    Bye Take Care, this is singing out.

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