TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SJBIT Bangalore-31 Aug 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SJBIT Bangalore-31 Aug 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    I am Lalit Kumar Soni. I have given my TCS at SJBIT Bangalore on 31st August 2010 and my interview was on 4th of September. TCS is one of the leading IT company in this world and very easiest company to be get selected because If you get selected in aptitude that means that you have cleared your 70% path to be get selected.

    TCS selection procedure:

    The selection procedure consists of 3 rounds.

    1. Aptitude test:
    35 questions not very tough but a little bit lenthy.

    2. Technical interview:

    Just prepare your project well not in deep but a little knowledge what have you done in this whole project.

    3. HR round:

    HR is not a very big problem they ask you question that you know. Now I want to tell you about my TCS Experience and answer of all basic question that they ask to me.

    I did only ninteen question out of 35 and got selected so friends just do questions that you know. After four days there is my technical and HR round


    I went to the technical panel by asking may i coming sir. There were two people. They ask me to come and sit. I sit down and thanks to them. After that we hand shake with each other and introduce ourself. After that my round was started as below

    1. Tell me about Yourself.

    2. Tell me about summer training.

    3. Tell me about your minor and mazor project.

    4. What was your roll in this whole project, I said as a database administrator and also told them that i am IBM db2 certified. They looks happy after listening this.

    5. They came to db2 database what is database and what is current version of db2. Told

    6. Tell me about join.

    7. Tell me about cursor.

    8. Tell me about trigger

    After that he ask me about programming language? I said i am comfortable with C, Cpp, Java

    10. He asked me about oop concept. Told
    11. Write a program to find out prime no. between 1 to 100. Write

    After these question we all hand shake with each other. After 10 mints they announced the result of technical round and I am one of the lucky guy who got selected in that.  I was directly called for a HR round because My technical round was excellent some of other guys called for a GD.

    Then I went for my HR round. HR was so frand.  He asked me to sit and I sat and thanked her.

    MY HR round begun as following
    First usual Questions.

    Q: Tell me about yourself?
    Ans: My name is lalit kumar soni. Basically I am from ........ My father name is Mr. Sohan Lal Soni and he is..........I did my 10th and 12th from sri ganganagar only after that I did my from skit in cse. My hobbies are ...........................

    Q: What is more important work or money?
    Ans: Both are like similar but I belive when you work hard money will flow to you. So work can help you put another feature in your success.

    Q: Where do you see yourself in next five year?

    Ans: Sir I don't to be overambitious. But of course I would like to be two or three level above where i am now.

    Q: What are your sailry expectation?

    Ans: As far as my salary expectation I had never given any though out it because i am a fresher and write now my main priority is to increase my knowledge but on the same hand i want to be independent by not asking my parent for money. So anything that is relevant for this profile will be good for me.

    Q: Why should we select you?
    Ans: TCS is my dream company if i get this job it means dream come true so as fas as i can look up in my mind i don't have idea to leave the company and also i had some word with my seniors that TCS gives equal opprtunity to grow and learn to all employee and there are no partiality with freshers and seniors. When the company is thinking about me. I will show the same trust and loyality to my work and my company by working with it instead of leaving it.

    Q: Tell me about your strength and weakness?


    Actually i would like to say every successful person or any successful story that i read in a newspaper or a magzinge give me strength. I really get inspired by the people who make their own successful story. Like we can see narayan murthi, chris gardner and many others. they have some thing common like intelligence and hardwork by what these all become so successful. So i admire them all and get strength from people.


    My weakness is that i am a bit emotional kind of a person like whenever i see a begger on a street i found myself very week that i could not help him because at this point of time i am not financially stroung engogh to help these kind of people and to decrease their miesry to any extent. In these kind of situation i feel myself week.

    Q: how much point you give to you as a learner from 1-5?
    If we say you to learn a new book within 10 days?

    A: I said Sir I give myself 4 point
    Int: Why? 
    I said because In my Engg. I always read my new books within the gap of 10 days.

    Int: What have you done rest of days?
    I said Mam I used to shape my technical skill like C, Cpp, Java, sql, dbms, db2.

    Int: Thank you lalit have a nice day.

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