TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SJB Institute Of Technology, Bangalore-21 Aug 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SJB Institute Of Technology, Bangalore-21 Aug 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I'm Gourab Bhattacharyya from Asansol Engineering College , CSE, 2010 batch. I appeared for TCS at SJBIT in Bangalore on 21st August. TCS conducted their  off-campus for a month. On 21st August. I was called at 3.00 P.M and on that day more than 1000 candidates appeared and in my batch there is about 200 students. At 5.30 p.m. our aptitude started and on 7.00 p.m i got my result, that i was cleared. The aptitude on the next day i appeared for next rounds, i.e, for technical and GD. All the details are given below.


    Selection procedures:

    1. Aptitude test(35 questions in 1 hour)

    2. Technical interview

    3. GD


    TCS is now using the touchstone software for their online test.


    Aptitude section:


    There are 35 questions in 1 hour  as aptitude. For each wrong answer 0.33 marks will be deducted and for each right answer 1 marks will be given. Some of the questions are given below.


    Friends there is a trick of solving these questions. Don?t read the whole question carefully just see what they want and what are the data you need to give the answers. Don?t waste so much time for just 1 single question because you can get back to it after solving the easier ones.


    1. A scientist who is doing a research, found that color of skin of animals vary with change in distance. One day he started to chase a beer. He walked 1 mile towards north, then turned and walked 1 mile towards east and then he turned right and caught the beer and radio-ribboned the beer. Then he left the beer at that spot and returned to his base-station taking a turn(walked 1 mile). Then what was the color of beer at that spot?
    a) White  b) Brown  c) Black   d) Grey

    Ans: White(because in North and South pole baears are of white in colour).


    2. There is a problem on a race between a horse and a cat, after chasing so much the horse finally caught the cat when the sun already been set and the moon is in the sky. Some numeric value was given it?s easy just calcute the distance traveled by the horse and by that the speed of that cat. As I remember the Answer: is 66.67 m/sec(check it).


    3. After knowing how the fibbonacci series works two friends of a class tried to invent a new series and they took 3 and 7 as the first two terms. One day they ask you to say the next term on that series as you are also in the same class. What will be that term.

    3,7,7,25,15,  ,31

    Ans: 61  (here two series are merged 1st:3,7,15,31 and 2nd:7,25,61,)

    4. In a colony the municipality decided to number the houses and the shops. They want to number the shops with the numbers containing 3 between 1-100. The hoses are 10-20 flored and at the back of the house 8 feet is left for fire exit. How many shops can be numbered.  

    a.3   b.10   c.19  d.23

    Ans:19 (Just count the numbers containing 3 between 1-100).


    5. One question on calculation containg only operands and operators, just calculate it using calculator.


    6. One problem from average. Its easy.


    7. One from pipes and cisterns, it is also easy.


    8. The cost of making robot is divided into cost of material, cost of repairing and cost of painting in the ratio of 5:2:3. The cost used for material is 200. Find the total cost of making the robot?

    Ans: 400 (just calculate it).


    9. A tank fills in the squence of  10, 20 ,40, 80 (means 10 litre in 1 hr, 20 litr i 2nd nd so). IF at the 4th hour the tank is 1/4 full. When will it be full?

    Ans:6 (x/4=80

    That means capacity of tank is 320 litres. F rom the series we can see that in 5th hour it's 160 and then in 6th hour it's 320)


    10. What number should be used to divide 2880 into two perfect squares.

    a) 4    b) 5     c) 6

    Ans: 5 (easy calculation).


    I attended 22 questions out of 35 and 21 were  absolutely correct. So try to manage yo ur time for solving questions.


    On the next day I first appeared for GD and then for Technical interview.



    In GD round in our group there is 20 students and I was given time 9.00 a.m. and our GD was started at 12.30 p.m. We are given the topic ?Who is the better manager a man or a woman?, all of us given individually 1 min to speak on that topic. All of us spoke well. After that round ou of 20 only 16 were selected.
    Then we gone for Technical.


    Technical Interview.


    There is probably 15 panels for taking interview, one for each student. I was called for at 1.00 p.m.

    My interviewer was very friendly. Here is the interview.


    Me: Good afternoon sir(with smile)

    Interviewer: Good afternoon and then handshaked with me.


    Interviewer: Ok Gourab tell me about yourself.

    Me:Told briefly(with mentioning my week and strong point with example)


    Interviewer: Good Good

    Interviewer: What programming languages u know?

    Me: C and Java and also told that, but my favourite subject is DBMS.


    Interviewer: Good Good

    Interviewer: Ok. What is DBMS?

    Me: Told with example.


    Interviewer: Good Good

    Interviewer: What is data and why we need to store it?

    Me: Told and gave one example.

    Interviewer: Good Good

    Interviewer: What is loop and how many types of loop are there in C.

    Me: Told.

    Interviewer: Good Good


    Interviewer: What is the difference between for,while and do-while?

    Me: Told.

    Interviewer: Good Good

    Interviewer: Why we use loops?

    Me:Told with example


    Interviewer: Good Good

    Interviewer: Ok Gourab do you have any questions?

    Me: Yes sir.

    Interviewer: Ok ask.

    Me: Sir what is the evaluation process in TCS? Means how you evaluate an employee?

    Interviewer: Told

    Me: Sir one more.

    Interviewer: Ok ask.

    Me: I heard that TCS is SEI CMM Level 5 company, what does it mean?

    Interviewer: Briefly told.


    Interviewer: Ok thank you Gourab.

    Me:Thank you sir(with smile)


    One thing answer every questions whatever you know the ansewer or not say with confidence and a smile.


    They told result will be out within 3 weeks and they will contact you by mail or phone.


    On 21st Sept after exactly one month on 9 a.m. I got the confirmation mail.

    So don?t loose hope just try your best AAL IZZZ WELL.


    See you on TCS.


    Good bye.


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