TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   PSG Tech, CBE-10 Jun 2007

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   PSG Tech, CBE-10 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends,
    This is Arun from PSG tech EEE. The written test is as usual consists of 3 sections. For verbal it is ur fate. I studied the Hi-fi word list from Barrons. I ve got 7 synonyms from that and only one antonym. For all others i marked C option. RC was slightly tough as u will not find time. Sentence completion was little bit easy. Dont mark the options blindly as u may get easier questions some times (I ve got an easy one about energy resources).

    Apps is the easiest one for which u can refer previous questions. U get the same one with the options also unchanged. Next comes the critical reasoning. U need luck since u may get all 3 passages other than passages in barrons. But study all exercises in model papers. Luckily, I got all three from Barrons (Electricains & plumbers, Harvard university and Conference of scientists about chemicals bla bla bla).Thus i got selected for interview.

    In interview, they asked about short term, long term and life time goals. Be ready with all details in ur resume. Then they asked me very simple technical questions from EEE like 555 timer, why digital over analog, etc. They never saw my project but this is not the case for my friends. Be prepared in that. Then they asked ques in C like how will u delete a node in linked list, what is a heap and a file program(very easy). Then they asked some hr ques like why TCS, will u opt for higher studies, will u be ready to work anywhere, etc. After interview i surprised them with lots of questions about TCS which impressed them very much.Finally, I made it.

    Be prepared with Barrons and prev year questions thoroughly for written and formal questions in interview. Know lot about company before attending interview which was very useful for me. Hope u got an overview about test in TCS. I wish the readers all the best to get placed in TCS.

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