TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Poornima College Of Engineering-3 May 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Poornima College Of Engineering-3 May 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    TCS came to Poornima College Of Engineering, jaipur on 15 & 17 March 2010 in panel of (approx)25 members. Out 245 students 79 cleared the test and finally 35 were selected after interviews. and glad to say that i was among that 35. The online test was pretty tough specially verbal reasoning and quantitative analysis.

    The pattern was like :

      Online test (3 sections)

    Interviews (3->>Technical, MR, HR)

    1. For online test :

    three sections were :

      verbal (synonyms, antonyms, comprehension )

    {25 question,15 minutes}

    quantitative aptitude

    {32 quest,40 mints}

    critical reasoning

    {3 parts with 4 questions each,30 mints}

    for the first time the level was higher than discussed in previous years. For a and c sections just do 12th edition barron's 5 model papers. for b section quant try the previous papers or a go through of R.S Aggarrwal . no negative marking so just the section-wise time management is the key to success here.

    2. interviews

    (my test was on 15th March but my interview turn came on 17th march)

    a) technical interview :

    this round really tested me though i was all prepared my questions were more detail demanding than my other friends.

    When my name was called by the interviewer for technical round,i entered the room with calmness. I noticed the room, the interviewer was having sandwich and asked me to take the seat. while through he was going through my CV and for next five mins he was busy with my cv. then he asked me the first question " Tell me about yourself". he answered cleverly and clearly. then he asked, your favorite subjects i replied microprocessor n digital electronics.

    then he asked me to explain my major project in brief.

    then asked me did you know about programming languages, i replied c/c++. he asked me to write a program to calculate the sum of n number. he just want the logic n the optimization of the logic, i wrote it.

    then he asked me to explain linked list with the help of diagram. i answered it very nicely. then asked me to draw AND and XOR gate and in addition to it also asked me

    " What is default constructor ", use of default constructor etc.

    what is an integrator ?

    What is PN diode and different type of diode? etc..

    one only thing i want to suggest is just elaborate your answers. Always provide additional information and be clear with your basics.

    b) MR :

    This round is to check your management skills. level of the questions depends upon how you performed in technical round (remarks are carried to next interviewer) just every day life experiences and common sense is to be applied to answer the questions. use step-wise terminology to the MR round, he also asked me to write a C program to display n prime numbers. just clear with your thoughts.

    c) HR:

    This round is personal interview round. just be clear about yourself, memorize your resume. be diplomatically honest :) you will have to clarify yourself about what info you have provided to them by any means.

    All the interview rounds are to test your confidence with what they ask you. planning for preparation is more important than preparation itself. they select the people who are confident about themselves, and they hardly make mistakes in selecting. knowing less is not a problem if you are sure about what you know.

    Take help of your seniors who did it bcoz the pattern hardly changes. take the help of internet for previous year papers. and its all for the preparation. rest all is planning. all the best!!!

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