TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Poornima College Of Engineering-16 Feb 2010

TCS  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Poornima College Of Engineering-16 Feb 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Ok let?s go,

    This might sound a bit corny but first of all I would like to thank god 4 all things he?s done 4 me. I used to be a firm non believer first, but now there?s no reason whatsoever to doubt god?s existence.

    For people who wanna get some substantial amt of info outta this blog of mine please go to the section after the line of stars. Those who have all the time in the world and nothing else ta do, pls feel free and proceed reading this mess of mine.



    Step 1: APTITUDE

    My advice is to stick to your strengths. Don?t worry bout da other aspects, as there is no sectional cut off.

    If English is your strength the concentrate on that.  Otherwise let it be, coz it?s really difficult to mug up those words. Very high vocabulary standards are required. Study a bit and keep calm.GRE barons book is extremely good. Study only this, it?s more than enuf.

    If math is yo forte then in quants read probability, time & work, pipes, speed, time & distance, percentage, profit loss. Study data sufficiency also. This is more than enuf. Ditch the other things.max u?ll get 2-3 qns away from these topics. So it?s actually not advisable to wreck yo head on areas apart from these. Get yoself comfortable in the things I?ve mentioned and u?ll clear apti like a breeze.

    Critical reasoning part was and is difficult. U get lots of time here. My friends mugged up criti reasoning from GRE barons. They said most of it came from that book. So it?s up to u to decide whether to mug or not. I probably didn?t even get a single qn rite in this section. The only hint i can give u to crack criti reasoning is if u get the first question right then u get all the other questions right. The first qn is very CRITICAL. He analyze and get the first one correct.

    Step 2: TECH

    Here?s how my interview took place...

    It took place in an auditorium. My interviewer was thankfully, a young guy. He was a chilled out relaxed guy. This went a lot into my favor. When u know a person is comfortable with u, we feel the same way with them. Damn I was ready to nail this round. First questions were ?how are u?? ? Who are u?? ? What are u??? Blah blah?

    Damn easy cheap qns he asked. It was like talking to a friend. he had a good look at my CV and then started asking qns. He came to tech part then. I being an ISE student he asked me many C/C++ basics and things. Study ADA, DBMS, SE, OS, a bit of CN. And also have a look at yo 1st sem C programs. This will suffice. Many qns he asked, mostly basics. I was also asked to write some prgm. I wrote the logic. I?d say I answered about 70% of the qns.


    Step 3: HR

    Most important thing is to chill man. Don?t go inside thinking ?I want this job I want this job?. go in with a mindset thinking like it?s just another viva exam which u have to clear. I may not be making sense to u now but 1nce u?ve cleared TCS and u come back & read this, trust me u will understand. Just be calm ok.

    In my interview he asked things about me, college, hobbies and some irrelevant questions. Finally I was asked ?why TCS??, ?why u wanna join TCS??, ?why must TCS take u?? trust me this question is your doorway in. all other qns don?t matter, they only ask u those to make u comfortable. So prepare a nice answer for this qn.

    Step 4: GD

    GD is supposed to be the first round but 4 us it was the last round for some reason. some stupid topics he gave us, none of which I knew. GD aims at testing yo communication skills and yo ability to deal with ppl, and not your knowledge about things. If u know nothing bout the topic then say somethin like?I?m hearin this for the first time, can someone brief me on this.??hey, it worked for me. Use good vocabulary when u speak.


    Keep calm, be chill.


    My experience was amazing. The expectation, the waiting, those nervous moments, it was all good. I got thru without much preparation. I?m not boasting, but it?s the truth.  All I did was study a bit of quants (4 bout 2 hrs b4 the test). English I did nothing.  Just went there did my thing; no prep whatsoever. Apti was an online exam. Took some time to adjust.don worry those ppl from tcs guide u properly. Just pay attention. English was tuf, but I managed. Math was damn dead easy. I?d have killed myself if it had been even easier. I didn?t get the psychometric test, but got thru to the nxt round. The nxt round was on the nxt day. Damn had to wear formals top to toe. Was kinda weird and uncomfortable. Summers in b?lore are hot and sweaty. This din help. Okay, tech round took place. It was spiked with qns on HR. cleared tat and HR was nxt. This was a cakewalk man. Done with tat, got outta the frickin room and changed into a t shirt. God, a t-shirt is so much more comfortable. Other people had to be interviewed, and I had to wait. U know waiting is the hardest part. Finally almost at the end of the day somewhere near 11:40, results were announced. My name was called, and then there was the usual screaming, clapping, and shouting. Me and my friends ran around the coll like drunken maniacs. Then the moment sunk in?.


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